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Mudrã create a sphere of peace


Flora Desondes is an artist, sculptor, jewelry, writes about the shamanism and songwriter of rhythms and sounds shamans. Disciple of the shaman Hungarian Joska Soos, who taught him the art. It’s more than twenty years of meetings and fidelity to his teachings.

Use your third eye like the sun at its zenith

flora.jpgThis video shows you the Mudrã create a sphere of peace and sound vibration as shaman Joska Soós teach it to me. This video is in French, this does not prevent you from seeing the movements that make up the Mudra.

A day, I sat beside him and he formed this Mudrã. He animated the Mudrã very slowly and at the same time he whispered the vibration Primordial Sound.
Without saying anything, he continued his act: I looked at his hands and I began to do so by imitation:

“Let go your hands, do not do, your hands will come alive by themselves. Do this Mudrã to think in a different way.

As The Shaman Joska Soos taught:

« Start the Mudrã create a sphere of peace: put your two hands against each other as if to contain a small ball, slowly rotate your hands around the axis of both thumbs. For the next move, turn your hands so that they are join face against face, very slowly move your drive to your heart where your hands and turn and open outwards (Mudrã of Gift).

Continue to hum to the sound vibration soft voice or even just mentally do it to act without acting.

Now that you know the gestures of Mudrã create a sphere of peace you felt it balances the two hemispheres of your brain and it opens, you touch eternity that is to say, crossing the barrier Time. This Mudrã is enough to know that many spiritual use. Between-lips open, they whisper Primordial Sound vibration, and they form the Mudrã create a sphere of peace.

Each follows its own pace, let go as breathing. Without suffixing your attention, breathe without effort. A rhythm that can be very slow as in Tai Chi, so slowly that your movement you see the materiality of your hands and the energy that makes them act with the Spirit who observed all through the third eye center of your forehead.

Mudrã create a sphere of peace unites your two brain hemispheres in a manner as ideal as possible. It creates a different atmosphere of thought which is neutral, neither for nor against. It results in you a mind-expanding, restructuring of neuronal your brain you think otherwise. Your neurons update a structure of thought directed towards the collaborative work of your two global hemispheres join. It is openness of creativity in any kind.

Continue murmur Primordial Sound Vibration and hands forms the Mudrã create a sphere of peace. Mentally, you move your attention to the Sun at its Zenith. It is noon: it means that your two brain hemispheres are united ideally between sunrise and sunset.

It is contemplation through your third eye which is connected to your sixth chakra, and each of your chakras is like a sun. Use your third eye like a sun at its zenith. Mentally, concentrate your attention to one or other of your chakras. You contemplate it in elevation as if you were inside the center of the sun zenith. Right there in your sixth chakra, which glows in simultaneity; hold your attention on this midday sun. Leave to come out a balance between the sun of your Chakra and the sun overhead, neither inside nor outside, but simultaneously a concordance


Voyager dans l’essentiel des choses ; troisième tome de Joska Soós et les contenus du Temps; Ebook http://stores.lulu.com/floradesondes.

Voir aussi : Flora Desondes ABC des Mudras, Editions Grancher 2006

– To see the french video clic here

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