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Mudra – To obtain Peace


Flora Desondes is a painter, sculptor, jewelry, author of texts on shamanism and songwriter of rhythms and sounds shamans. Disciple Hungarian shaman Joska Soós who taught him his art. It’s more than twenty years of meetings and fidelity to his teachings.

To obtain Peace

Shamanism offers a representation of the world where nothing is absent since it began. The shamans see it like a sphere-shaped rather an egg which coexist billions and billions of circumstances that no power can not increase or decrease.

There is no winner or loser, we are included in an addition of conjecture and wisdom is not staying where they are unfavourable, but this is not an escape, nor struggle.

Your fears and your anger, appear in sight and hearing, a condition that causes uncontrollable emotional pressure on you and your First and Hara Chakra.

The easiest way to rid yourself of this pressure is to use your breathing.

Soufflez fort dehors pour expulser la peur ou la colère à chacune de vos expirations. Lâchez toutes les tensions ou négativités, tout lâcher, et laisser s’évacuer.

Blow out loud to expel fear or anger to each of your breaths. Let go of all tension and negativity, it all, and let drain. Breathe deeply several times, and then blow air outside the box. This is beneficial for your health: you evacuate oxygen and spent all your tensions.

Another way is to give up ownership of the circumstances: it’s hard not to think that the world is that we are there or not. With a binary looking (with two eyes) you are automatically in the middle and inside. Open your third eye gives you a look immediately shifted either above or below, but not directly inside. You ask a distance and this circle where you turn in circles and spread open spiral. You’re not locked into a labyrinth of mirrors designed to nowhere.

The content of this video shows how to use the Force Mudra and the Mudra Create a Sphere of Peace, to increase your mental toughness and to find attitude towards the various provocations of the five poisons.

Extrait de : Jozsef Soos de Sovar, The Shaman Ebook http://stores.lulu.com/floradesondes

– To see the video in french clic here.

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