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Shamans celebrate spring with the dancing bear


In the old agrarian societies, to enjoy spring shamans celebrated a feast that greeting spring coming: it is the dancing bear. Its rate is three times the same as all the dances , and also the waltz that makes you whirl round. The Musée des Arts Premier in Paris (France) shows it with a video at dedicate room of Siberia shamans.

This dance of the archetypal animal p1-7-9c646.gifBear is solar; shaman enters its pace to run off the bear’s cave: they celebrate bear awakening from hibernation.

Three pace steps awaking you spring dynamics of. Join the dance beginning with a strong step, then two more light or dance this three at the same pace. All three times, hit the ground sharply with the flat of your foot. The three shots at theatre before the curtain opens; it opens and it’s springtime!
It is a dynamic dance for your physical body, your astral body and your mental body. Move you in rhythm of these three pas to catch of this magic force of the spring onset energy. Those three measured steps awaken within you the dynamics of spring

Bear Dance is always on this three notes pace, three steps to enter its round tournament into the spiral that forms in its center. When tightened, you touch your astral body, and come to its turn in the round. Dancing Bear celebrates the blossoming of spring when your joy rang like a trumpet thundering. Your body becomes animated, your temperament, your physical energy and libido as well. Then, in the center of the spiral springs crystalline sound of a flute; you enter the round dance of the fairies where your light body is dancing.

It is spring, which receives you in its dancing: Identify yourself and breathe its subtle scent through all the gates of your body. Enter mentally in its dance when your physical body, your body astral and your body of light are dancing the same tempo. Whether sitting or lying, then dematerialization, which exceeded the space annihilated. Give yourself mentally and around this spring is going to animate you, let sing inside you and in unison melody and tempo of the spring.

In illustration of this article, a painting of the shaman Joska Soos: Springtime Overriding Anima

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