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The Eternal Feminine Principle Primordial: Process of creating the visible world


When my brother Hunka the Wicasa Wakan Archie Fire Lame Deer was talking about the genesis of life, he told me:

In a state of absolute stillness there was in the vastness of space as an island: INYAN the rock. And then, but nobody knows how to say one day He start, turning on Himself from him moving, a piece of him gone out MAKA He called the first Earth. He named SKAN His gesture, then the light springs: named Wi first of all suns.

Lumineuse émanation consciente cosmosonore
Lumineuse émanation consciente cosmosonore
These Four was Taku Wakan Kola WAKAN TANKA, the four Grandfather’s sacred origin of worlds. INYAN blood was blue; it spread and coloured the sky of all worlds. And then they met to decide who would be the first. They said it’s WI, Sun original whose light is pure gold.

As bored WI, WI HAN He created the first Moon, whose light is silver. The story does not say so because the appointment of the Sun and Moon are very mysterious but their union sprang the Eternal Feminine Principle Primordial: The process of creating the visible world.

All peoples have personified the birth of the world with Great Goddess. Every great human family has its own symbol of the Eternal Feminine which shows the birth of the world and the Overriding Sound accompanying its echo that extends into every living cell. Named HATHOR in ancient Egypt, GAIA and APHRODITE in Ancient Greece and TARA honoured throughout Asia.

In Egyptian mythology, HATHOR conscious emanation of the Divine Principle is born from the eye of HORUS, the personification of the Sun, indestructible light worlds manifest. She has two aspects, heavenly and earthly form of a lion devastating humanity decadent, it is represented with a woman’s body and a leonine head. Goddess of love worshiped at Dendera, its celestial aspect is honoured as a cow or a woman’s face cow bearing the sun disk between her horns or a woman who wears the solar disk between two horns springing from his skull.

Goddess psychopomp she ate heavenly food of the dead in the underworld. HATHOR is certainly one of the oldest deities of Egypt, whose name means House of the God Horus, daughter and wife of the Great God HORUS represented by a winged eye. The Pharaohs paid Her homage and placed themselves under Her protection. Bas-reliefs showing Her suckling the Pharaoh, and Pharaoh’s wife.

GAIA, Overriding Goddess of Greek mythology, is identified with Mother Earth, Mother of God of all Gods, and the TITANS. Egypt named Her GEB (which is masculine) as creator of the Earth with NOUT the Sky (which is feminine). As Hesiod says in the beginning there was only CHAOS which formed a deep crevice which begat GAÏA and directly after EROS. Others say that GAIA was formed in egg to birth EROS. By herself born OURANOS who personifies the sky, then PONTOS the water; OUREA the mountain. By Her union with OURANOS that the genesis of the Gods began.

GAIA is not only a divine being; she hosted the primitive matter subject to gravitational forces that generate any sound. Early in the formation of the whole planet, there is a huge movement of gaseous materials that come alive in the icy void. Gradually the force of gravity agglutinates these gases and compress. The pressure is phenomenal gas temperature too. A core is formed which agglutinates chemical elements heavier lighter expel to the surface. The strength of the gravitational force is also GAIA.

APHRODITE is the Greek goddess of love, pleasure and beauty and a personification of wisdom. In the Hesiod Theogony APHRODITE is a celestial womb that took the appearance of a sea shell felt and fertilized by sperm spurting phallus OURANOS; CHRONOS that had emasculated. Arises from the foam and pushed by the winds, APHRODITE vogue until Cythera and then Cyprus is that Her devotees still honour Her presence. Just as the Goddess HATHOR, APHRODITE a second birth, she is called daughter of loves ZEUS and DIONE, the daughter of GAIA and OURANOS. In this appearance She bodes love caused by the arrows of EROS

TARA is conscious emanation Great Goddess of Overriding Light venerated in India, whose beliefs are attested since the third millennium BC. TARA or Star is the second ten appearances MAHADEVI Great Goddess and as consort of SHIVA. Under this aspect She is a personification of the Light of Wisdom which manifests the power of SHIVA, she was named Mother of all the Buddhas and personification of Mahaprajnaparamita

TARA second birth is that of a princess of an ancient world of millions of years when she utters the wish to renounce nirvana until the pain is not extinguished in Samsara. As such TARA is honoured by all Tibetans as born from a tear-shaped lotus bud great being the sublime Avalokiteshvara (Tcherensi), of this lotus Her springs from a big laugh by saying the vows to stay to overcome his side constantly.

Goddess TARA named Jetsun Dolma in Tibetan Buddhism, is a feminine Bodhisattva of Mahayana Buddhism, and also honoured in Vajrayana (Voice Diamond) is the heart of Tantric meditation. Her devotee initiated Her mysteries worships her and declared Her praise throughout his life. TARA is called Divine Mother who gives liberation from the wheel of Samsara. She is invoking to give the success of all business travel, trade, health and other requirements.

The known forms of TARA are related to a specific colour that designates Her business areas. TARA is said to occur by 21 aspect honoured in her praise. As such, it is regarded as the Buddha of enlightened activity of Compassion Wisdom Perfect conscious emanation of Mahaprajnaparamita.

Today, these four Great Goddesses, only the powerful TARA Victorious constantly is revered and worshiped on Her altar. Saying that the Goddesses are forgotten do not disappear. It is the sand that buried the great shrines of HATHOR; it forgets the duty of compliance reports to the Earth-Mother who is a silence about the mysteries of GAIA. The erosion, earthquakes have landed shrines dedicated to APHRODITE, but she still lives and his presence is attested by his devotees.

These Great Beings are the manifestation of spheres of consciousness, the divine emanations called Eternal Feminine, in a world where one is the White Light Living. The opal and the peacock feather symbol of the Eternal Feminine lay on his altar to honour Her presence.

In the Hindu pantheon, Shiva embraces the Eternal Feminine and they dance and sing the eternal spring of the Golden Age of creation through the Overriding Sound and rhythm. The Eons of light conscious create worlds, singing and dancing.

The state of being is that of the Eternal Feminine, and a total rise in the cosmos beyond the Overriding Sound, you arrive in a large valley that looks like a luminous sea of alive white light. People who undergo surgery or an accident and have an experience close to death demonstrated that breakthrough. They are in a dark tunnel and they see the end of the tunnel a point or even a luminous light shining

When they reach that light, they experience a feeling of immense happiness they feel in total union with the light. Others see a large room or a beautiful valley with a beauty that is not land, and always the same white light they know alive and conscious. Inside, the fields of energy conscious are moving. They are as complicit in the Creator that would achieve the inspiration, ideas and missions of the Creator.

On the other side of that white light is another world, another dimension. All those who live this experience have intuitively known that the border crossing to the other world would be final, there will be no way back. Nobody supports these high vibrations and the heart simply ceases to beat, it would die.

The man has at one’s disposal nine chakras including the seven chakras connected with his own body: they are like fields or areas of strength. The remaining two chakras are discovered only in the astral and causal. While the solar rotation is left to right, the seven chakras rotate left to right and from right to left like a double swastika. When the chakras spin very quickly, a spiral shape, energy swirling. This energy goes into swirling left and right, it creates a double spiral and a vacuum is created in the middle. Here is the essential emptiness of Being, the Eternal Feminine and everything happens there. In your body, this vacuum is connected to your spine and energy flows inwards from bottom to top and top to bottom. Once you’re in the vacuum of this spiral, something breaks and you enter the white light alive. Your breakthrough causes a sound like thunder or only a slight buzzing It is so powerful that you do not miss of to feel it. The vibration force field into which you enter is very high. Some people who wanted to force the entry, could not withstand the power of this high energy they have become demented.

Do not confuse the sphere of sound consciousness with a sound similar to those you know here on Earth, it is associated with a vibration or a far more subtle than the terrestrial noise. When you hear an organ playing in a church, and the music stops: you continue to hear the sounds still echo in your head, they are still ringing in your ears. The persistent buzz can be compared to that of sound consciousness. Scientists have counted that light appeared eighty seconds after the Overriding Sound: the Big Bang. This same light is seen at the end of the tunnel by one who is clinically dead. Beyond lies the sound and when you exceed the Primal Sound, you enter the area of the Eternal Feminine, Being.

Teaching of the Shaman Joska Soos:


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