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Breathing – be peaceful even in the storm


tourmente.gifAt the root of all meditations, there is a wish to get attention on respiration and obtain the inner silence, that is to say, you open a peaceful space where no more enemy harangue you, and no more battle is to be win: this is the only real victory to get. Some will tell you, but I need strength, anger, hate is a powerful engine to start, to find ways to defence or attack. The breathing method that I now give is useful to stimulate your brain, your creativity and your strength ….provided only to use it only in a deep peaceful inner state.

There are a thousand and one ways to sit in your peace. This breathing can help you, its particularity is to oxygenate your solar plexus and while your upper body. Very quickly, a gentle heat fills your chest and touches your heart chakra which is animated. This gentle heat rises and filled your brain, another movement energy pleasantly warm your shoulders.

Before you start the Breathing be peaceful even in the storm you form the Mudra Concentration with your left hand and your right hand. Half-closed eyes you turn your eyes towards the top of your head. This is only nasal breathing and mouth closed. You take the air quickly and reject you just as quickly with a rapid pace. Your abdomen accompanies the rhythm as if it was a blow which stimulates a fire. To make a rest in the rhythm, taking a deep breath nasal raising your shoulders and you breathe through your mouth very, lowering your shoulders. You decide how long you maintain that rhythm.

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