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The crushers of negativity


icone_Flora.jpgThis world is spherical and all things are going in circles, but it is not circled because the matter which is composed without rigidity. Shamans, like other spiritualists believe that our universe is ovoid. The Greeks knew already: they called Eros original being produced by the union of Ether and Chaos, he born by him through the Egg at the origin of creation. This metaphor of the egg is also found in the shamanic legends which say that shamans are born from eggs deposited by the gods in the high branches of a birch (oral tradition of shamans’ clan Hungarians Baksa).

The same ovoid shape is that of your Light Body who envelope in its womb all bodies living being, its radiance and light colours become visible to the one who is receptive to his chakras: all emit heat and Light, naturally. The matter in this egg is similar to those of several of muslin very fine texture and whose filaments are connected with all other creatures as well as energy. Inside this egg two spheres overlap and define three spaces: theirs and that of their interpenetration.

Because men and trees stand on their legs (the trees by their trunks), common usage speaks low down worlds, world of the center and the upper world. Indeed, the material is denser and it is obscure; more matter is aerated and is light to be similar to the brightness of stars. With the sphere that contains low down worlds, there are also worm their way underground where the roots of trees; in world of the center, there are all the circumstances of life and in the upper world, the subtle and spirituality that also correspond to the branches and leaves. In the rustling of the leaves of certain tree, shamans hear the Spirit of this tree that speaks to them. At the human body, the lower sphere contains your feet, your legs and thighs, your root chakra, your Hara, your solar plexus and your viscera. The top sphere contains your third eye, sixth chakra, the crown chakra, right on brain activity, sensory perception and the anchoring of the eighth and ninth chakras. The space created by the junction of the two spheres contains your heart, your lungs, the chakra of communication at your throat, your shoulders, arms and forearms and hands. The heart chakra is another membrane that envelops these two spheres. As water creeps everywhere, blood and lymph circulation are without specific location, while your bones divide among them in these three areas. It is also one reason for their use (skull and femurs) in ceremonies.

Everything is in everything and this pattern is also that of your psychological states of consciousness and psychic your chakras are distributed also in these three areas. The first boundary is at your diaphragm. To cross it, it is mandatory to be in a state of consciousness altruistic and compassionate. In this description Hell, Purgatory and Paradise are not geographical locations, but psychological and emotional circumstances. Behind this boundary, there is always the crusher of negativity. Either they act in spraying negativity or they eat it and their appetite is insatiable. In the world of objects, they look like lions, tigers, dragons, hyenas; dogs’ mouths open their sharp fangs. It is also the function of carved gargoyles high on our cathedrals. Frogs and all devouring insects are used also.

All humans have the ability to rid themselves of negative particles produced by the five poisons. If they do not do it, when they die the crusher of negativities come up to and feed on them.

The Buddha stated the method that enabled him to understand and act: Mahaprajnaparamita is the great intelligence that is used for Freedom Inconceivable, free of the trap woven for the sole benefit of the five poisons. This method is not a catechism is a Lighted Lamp of wisdom for the greater good of all and without any sectarianism.

Flora Desondes

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