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Winter Solstice: A Meeting with your Guardian Spirits


Avalokiteshvara le sublime
Avalokiteshvara le sublime
The ancients were very attentive to the spiritual correspondences in relations with the four phases of the moon, the equinoxes and solstices of the sun. A rise mindedness for the summer solstice, a balance for the equinoxes and energy descent becomes symbolically closer to the winter solstice. They also observed that the November 8 to December 8, daylight decreases more and more to boot return December 8 become the festival of light which is symbolically shown by lit candles. Celebration of Light, winner of the darkness that extended by the Saturnalia in cities where all the debauchery were permissible.
Alongside the overflow of joy of the citizens, insiders knew the mysteries that time of year encourages a meeting with those they called their Guardians Spirits. These beings of love and kindness are very close to you and always attentive. They will appear in a visual and auditory perception that each of you can open.

Therefore, from December 17 to January 6, shamans have the practice of meditation very special. The result of that meditation can not be told that your discovery is genuine. What can be said is how you prepare for this meeting you must keep secret for yourself and all your perceptions and your experience intimate man is much more magical and special that he knows he is strongly advised to remain modest and not become arrogant.

If you want to start a process of meeting with your Guardians Spirits, choose one evening this time to get settled comfortably in the position that suits you best. You light a candle (be very careful, it will burn longer, put it in a container that will not ignite).Those who use incense lit one they prefer (not required). Expect also not be disturbed by a phone or a visit.

Formulate the wish of the meeting by lighting your candle, let go of your doubts and are certain of your abilities. So you are quiet and without fear is very important if you’re scared do not, the result would be a materialization of your fears. Your breathing is light, breathe deeply three times and you can concentrate on your navel. You will imagine a very fine wire that comes out of your navel. Once you feel his presence (like your belly button is pulled out of you), gently inhale air through the nose, as slowly as possible. At the same time you inhale air, follow this thread of milky colour, and lift your eyes to look as far as possible to the top of your skull. Continue to inspire air very slowly until you feel it enters your sinuses. Keep tension in your eyes time of ten breaths. Let come without trial, your benevolent protector you appear through symbols which conform to your beliefs, they also smell like a perfume, a pleasant sound. Peacefully, your eyes are closed and you look as far as possible towards your eyebrows continue to breathe quietly through the nose. Display mentally stairs you climb. Continue to look up and ride thirty walk. If you live where there is a staircase that goes up to you, it very well: that’s the one you use. You are in front of your house and just as you would in the life of every day, you open it to go directly into your room and you go on your bed … … more belongs to you do not doubt that wonderful gift. Remember to keep secret the contents of your vision.
If nothing comes, go to sleep, they come in your dreams. If nothing happens again, you can repeat this meditation every day.
I received this teaching in 1985, since I give every year for the greater good of all and the practising of Liberty Inconceivable. The Guardians Spirits are not a magical illusion; they exist in a space that is revealed by a perception of your Third Eye and your openness in the astral.

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