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Flora Desondes — The Mudrã of the Strength



The mudrã of the strength you use it when a violent emotion submerges you. Left hand and right hand interlace as showing on the photo, thumbs contact by the extremity of the last phalanx and you stick them on your solar plexus by expelling air until press your hands on your belly as hardly as possible. If you sit, you go to bend on your thighs without releasing the pressure of the Mudrã of the Strength. Your mouth is big opened to expel the pain of the emotion. You so remain to inhale profoundly the time necessary for you to seize again you. You raise your bust and you move the Mudrã of the Strength in front of your Hara. It is strongly compressed by your gesture and again you fall over on your thighs without releasing the tension of your hands.

The emotion which submerges you it is the shock of the blow given by the being who you love most; it is the pain of treason. The surprise brings down you until have it breathlessly. The mudrã of the strength helps you to weaken the shock received; it draws at the source of Hara the energy of the will.

Hara receives its energy of the strength of life. It is from its center that you draw your strength and your energy. He acts as a shield. When it mobilized, you have the sensation of a flow of warm energy; it looks like the one who goes out of a radiator which pulses of warm air. This good filled heat the stomach and the rib cage: it consoles you.
You can represent Hara as one limp which receives the energy of life and guarding in reserve. According to your needs it redistributes it to you. The metaphor of the water domesticates helps you to understand how Hara works; the water is there but it is necessary to open the faucet. The quacks know well this energy, they use it to drive it up to the hands and give it. They see that you have the strength to look after yourselves and to repair your psyche; it is with the energy contained in the Hara. You have the power to be cured but it is necessary the will.

To want to be cured it begins by recognizing the existence of the evil to be. There is two way: one is passive and you sink until one save you; other one is active and you decide to act; you mobilize all your means to find the solution. To want to be cured, it is a power; peoples aboriginal as those who live in natural environment know this strength; it is the power which wakes up in you. It acts as a doctor who manages your good health. The surgeons know it also; they know that energy intervenes after the wound of the bistouries to strengthen the healing of bruised flesh. It is the same energy which gives you help in the immediateness of a fall to weaken it. It spreads by Hara, just over the womb of the women but its place of emergence it is your First Chakrã. It is not only concerned by the sexuality, It contains the strength of life libidinal. There is in the center of your First Chakrã a subtle energy which circulates in the bottom at the top, as the sap of a tree. That is why the tree helps you to get acquainted with this stream. Release all which oppresses you and breathe with him. Do not forget to say thank you for it benefaction which he gives you! The spirits of the Nature like the chocolate, the jams and the cakes.

Wounds are physical but also psychological and psychic.
When wound is psychological, forces to cure it you comes by the movement. You can harmonize, solve, your stress and it soften by the dance, the singing or the listening of the music but also with the theatre and the sport. You give a self-expression through movement and emotional in your problems, you dance them and sing them outside you and they go out. It is one of oldest rites where the patient is placed in the middle of a circle formed by the tribe with singing Mantrãs. In this circle defender, dancing sorrow and mourning.

If you are alone, you can build a rite with a circle defender and some powder of cinnamon. In Seychelles, they plant cinnamon tree near houses to have benefit of its positive vibrations: it creates a favourable atmosphere. You are in the center of your powder circle of cinnamon. Opened southward when the Sun is at top; midday the most favourable moment to act with the Sun fire; it is the pure enjoyment which cleaned up the swamp of the dark thoughts. Your intention it is to clear you sadness and that it be consumed by the sun and the cinnamon. In the center of your circle you dance and free the sound appear from your intestines.

The psychic wounds are the most pernicious; it is difficult to cure you alone. When you are touched by disease, it penetrates into the body by a psychic fault. To locate it is asking for a true quality of attention. It is the intuition which warns you and it is necessary to listen it. The siege of the intuition is at the level of your Third Eye it enters echo with the siege of the Power, your solar plexus. The will is with Hara, the Power is with the solar plexus. You are warned that a disease arrives of diverse manners. It depends on your sensibility. It goes of nausea, a shiver of cold, a stomach pain, an unpleasant shiver, a desire of irrational leak, an aversion and the list is not closed. The Mudrã of the Strength it is your fastest means to intervene.

From Flora Desondes, ABC des Mudras éditions Grancher 2006


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