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Resurrection, Reincarnation : the glance of the Shamans


The visions of the shamans organize the world in level which is only a metaphor of the indescribable. They use descriptive images of the world which they investigate. Hindu speaks about Chakras; I am also going to use this term Chakra. In shamanism, the Resurrection and Reincarnation are only a process of language, a name of a state to exist. They say that the origin of all the human beings is in what they name: Eonsphere; it is valid also for tiny unicellular.


When the child adorned, that is at the moment when his body takes its first air inlet, he arrives simultaneously in what the shamans name Geosphere and the Biosphere. At this moment there, most part of its paranormal cells is destroyed and he forgets his origin. It is not because he does not remember it, neither that his Body of Light is destroyed. He is only a vehicle in good working order, but in waiting in a garage. Your Body of Light is totally present beyond your Eighth Chakra, there where evolves your Dreaming Body and only from your Ninth Chakra there where evolves your Perfect Light Body. Up to the age of seven years, the Psychosphere, as Noosphere of the child evolves due to its family, social and geographical circumstances, as well as the education which he receives; as his capacity to use the genetic memory formed in the billions of years of existence of the creation. Here, the term Reincarnation concerns the capital which this child has and how he uses it.

The term the Resurrection, concerns its capacity not to forget that he comes from Eonsphere and that he can return there consciously. Certain persons have this capacity, materialize with their Perfect Body of Light; it being rare, the collective imagination considered that it was possible only for the gods, the saints or quite other character coming from another world. Numerous Amerindian traditions speak about simple human beings who so appear, they do not deify them for all that. Others will say that these persons are conceived by a human woman fertilized by a god or of a goddess who couples with a man. The shaman considers that it is only a process of aware return. They say: know where from us come allows to return to it. The Geosphere is constituted by all the solid matter, the Earth, as well as the entire material Universe. The Geosphere contains the various layers of the Earth up to the magma and also the vibrations of the electromagnetic magma. At the level of the human body, the Geosphere is constituted by your bones, your flesh, your muscles and your nervous system by which you are also a part of the material unity of the universe.

The Biosphere is on the surface of the Earth. Bio means the life and the Biosphere divide into three groups: the reproduction, the process of growth and the death; the birth, the life and the death. Cells belong to the Biosphere and to the first level of cells are the unicellular organisms which live in the sea. We belong to the Biosphere because we are also beings constituted by cells. You go inside this perception through your meridians. It is your meridians which establish the connection with the causal, named also working plan of the divine. Scientifically, the localization of meridians is not really demonstrated but, for centuries, the shamans, the yogis and the mystic use them. Here, you become aware of the way the nature of which works. To understand it lengthens peacefully and without fear; put your left hand on your belly at the level of your Hara, the Second Chakra, and your hand on your heart.

Be like a tree is, in this experience profoundly until you perceive it. Come down to its roots; stretch until feel its branches. You then get in touch with the sphere of consciousness vegetative, the Biosphere. The roots of a tree or a plant represent naturally symbolically the place where the food is pumped in the ground, then transported upward. After the perception of roots, follow the progress of the sap in the root. Experiment how this sap is sucked up upward by the vital force! This movement of inhalation begins in the human body with sphincters, the bottom of your Chakra Racine, energy center which is in the region of the anus. With the perception of the Biosphere, you contact your genetic past because she acts at the physical, psychological and spiritual level.

The Psychological sphere is constituted by your emotional and spiritual reactions. This Psychosphère works not only for the human beings but also for the animals and the plants; they too react to circumstances. For example the sunflower and most of the plant turn to the light and the Sun. The psyche is concerns by the emotional situation in which is a person. It can be perceive by the colour and the music which provokes a particular psychic atmosphere. As a colour becomes clearer, the level of the lived rises and when the colour becomes darker, the level is deeper. It is also a feeling between the persons. In the past genetics, you have already got in touch with all the types of character or with most of them. The psychological behaviour of an animal it is also in you: for example that of dolphin or tiger. When you are strongly connected with this animal, you know if it is about the tiger of a zoo or about that of the desert.

That is why priests and shamans of ancient South American traditions became identified with the puma or the jaguar. They could so awaken this strength in them physically, but also take the psychic strength of this animal through the Psychosphère.
The Noosphere is the sphere of the intelligence is that of the intellectual cells, thus the thought. There are various ways of thinking, in images or in figures. If you think of something, try to perceive which idea, sound image or odour representation appears in you from your Third eye. For example: think of a skin of bear, feel mentally that you caress it without caressing it in reality: that’s it, the Noosphere. The intellectual cells are in connection with your five senses and your senses work at the level of your feelings as well as at the level of the spirit
Certain persons think emotionally whereas the others think more intellectually. Everything has a structure, exactly as in mathematical. You could move freely in the space around you without using a ruler, it is in you. When the scientists study another civilization, they automatically appeal to another mental structure and there, the shamanism can help because the shamanism includes the art to overcome the obstacle represented by all these differences of structures of thought. The shaman can adapt himself to the other mental, extraterrestrial structures, by penetrating it himself totally.

Certain persons live exclusively by following a single structure of definite thought; they are not opened to the idea that exist other forms of thought. Your mental structure allows you to adapt yourselves, you use it to move in the space; to know in which purpose you go and avoid being disturbed or disorientated in the chaos. You can develop your faculties to think of the infinity. By this extension, reach a point where everything seems hardly complicated, but at the certain moment, you are in the opposite effect and your thought always become more and simpler, until be of a universal simplicity. There begin an expansion of the human consciousness and from this moment your understanding widened. The Eonsphere consists of matter or energy aware of herself from which you can make everything. You are in this energy when you go beyond the Overriding Sound, a domain of silence and space. The shamans, the mystic and meditates give a name to this sphere as the indescribable or the unspeakable. They say: the Sphere of Alive White Light aware of herself. It is not only the energy, but it is also persons who act at every level of the creation, at the material, psychological and spiritual level. In this sphere, the time does not exist any more; you would have maybe the impression to have stayed in it during hours, but really it was maybe only one second; the important is not there.

But, it is essential to know when it is time for you to leave it. The Eonsphere is immaterial, Aspatial and timeless. It is really another reality, another consciousness. When you are there, you are aware of your own relativity without having inferiority complex, nor pride. It gives a natural modesty which is not something morale, it is a way of growing more. Your presence in the Eonsphere consists not only in seeing this sphere; you are totally taken in its vibration. To arrive there, you are propelled at first in a vertiginous speed through a black tunnel at the end of which waits for you a valley of white light. It does not create anxiety and it is not painful. The most important are to let everything occur, simply occur, thus release your will or limit you only to a wish. Otherwise you could, by autosuggestion, think that you lose the reason and then, the Eonsphere becomes a false reality and an illusion. In the Eonsphere, all the things are create, of the smallest insect up to the Galaxy in its entirety. All are also important. Everything has the same value because any life being arises from the same creative energy of life and aware of herself.

Flora Desondes

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