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Flora Desondes — Reincarnation and shamanism


0-picture.gifThe Shamanism exists, and existed on all the Continents. What the shamans say about the reincarnation concerns the wandering of the soul when it leaves definitively the body which retained her. In the time of the death the shaman and even today practised various rites. They accompanied and freed the soul of their deaths so that there death be sweet. They always protect the soul of the dead man in his crossing of the worlds where he have to confront devils and monsters which are animated by the imagery residues of his life which he is leaving behind him. All our acts leave forms-imprints which become attached to our astral body. It is these forms-imprints which act in the plans of the dream during the sleep. When that an individual misses obligatorily and common sense, it happens that of authority these forms-imprints manipulate this person until make him commit an act. This person will say: I do not know why, I obeyed an irrational impulse.

Hungarian shaman Joska Soós of the clan of Baksa said to me:
The one who executes or guide the funeral rite must be able to feel the state of the dying and give a shape to this emotion by the sound and the rhythm. The dying is mostly in a state of half-sleep; he is then more susceptible in the other dimensions and the perceptions. The spoken language has no more the same importance. Accompanying him help the dying to leave behind him its fears, his hopes, his regrets and the material and psychological aspects of his life. You must be able to surmount any attachment and pass in a higher love, free of tie: a divine cosmic love. The one who accompanies has to smell where and at which level the dying remains still fixed to its Ground life; he has to be in accordance with the creeds of the person who dies.

Every person is unique, quite as its fingerprints, so that the perception of the death and what she crosses at the time of dying, is different for each. The indication was given by the shaman, it is the light to which goes the dying. This big Light which waits you after the passage in for him beyond, all the religions speak about it. Formerly we sounded the knell when somebody died so that the dead man can use the sound to be allowed dissolve by accompanying this sound which goes out. When the presence of an already dead person is still felt or seen by its circle of acquaintances; the shaman executes a rite which helps the spirit of died roaming to get loose from what still retains him. It is a support so that he affects the place towards which he has to go away.

Joska Soós of the clan of Baksa
Joska Soós of the clan of Baksa
Sometimes and suddenly, the shaman Joska Soós felt the presence of a very serene spirit. It was a sphere of consciousness left by the deceased behind him, and who still floated in the air. This dead man left a support and a consolation, but most of the time this sphere is full of punishment and criticism; its existence shows that this deceased is not reincarnated in a new dimension yet. The shaman opens a rite and he steers towards the light the one who must be again released from his links with the Earth. Three rings of light are in the cosmos, they are known for centuries. The closest to these brilliant rings was put in evidence by the American physicist James Alfred Van Allen. Physically, this Ring of Van Allen are an electromagnetic barrier which makes possible our communication in the ether.

If this ring did not exist, all the waves radio and TV would disappear in the space and could not be thus taken in any more on Earth. It is there, exactly that every deaths go. They wait for a new embodiment, there or at a level more raised in the cosmos there where are two other rings. The second ring is at the level of the Pole Star, a space of white light where begins the domain of the gods and that of your astral body (the term gods indicates aware beings which are the guardians and the regents of all what concerns the living beings). The third ring is three stars of the belt of Orion, it is the door of the causality towards the divine. Only the speed of your vibration determines the world where your soul goes. The shaman, or another character who masters this knowledge, accompanies the dead man or the wandering spirit and helps it to find its road.

The shaman speaks here about his own experience: when I guide a wandering spirit, I rise; I always rise higher until the moment when I see the globe below me. There reign an extraordinary silence and the darkness. This darkness is not empty: it is a very subtle level of vibration of the Black Astral Light. At the certain moment, I see the first ring of light similar to a system of Milky Way. Itconsists of a profusion of brilliant petit points which look like some snow enlightened by the Sun. It is not matter, it is the light and the brilliant ring turning from right to left. Its rotation speed is so hight that it seems very slow. At the certain moment I perceive one of five primary colors. The color and the intensity depend on the spiritual consciousness of the dead man for which I guide with this rite. This consciousness can express itself under nuances of red, white, black, blue and yellow. After all, seven colors can be present and overlap in vibrations.

At this moment there, the dead which raises its vibration can pass beyond, and save a certain number of lives on Earth. But it happens that it does not succeed because he has another certain number of things to be finished, and he remains stuck at the level of the first ring without being able to rise towards annual superior.

With this rite of accompaniment of the deaths, it is possible that its level of vibration suddenly rises, that it is propelled upward, towards the second ring and is reincarnated in its astral body or in the third ring, in its causal body. Those who reached on Earth the highest level of consciousness do not have to be any more reincarnated. Some are however reincarnated in a aware way, to bring this consciousness on the Earth. There, they can, to be famous teachers but, as well remain unknown. People who do not draw the attention can assume just as much this task.Nevertheless, these persons are always recognizable due to their radiant energy.

For the greater part, the deaths and the wandering spirits come back to earth again, towards an unconscious new arrival. When it arrives, the objective it is to guide the dead man towards better possible relatives, towards situation in which he can carry out in best lessons of potential lives to implement his qualities. It is fascinating to perceive how the spirit, suddenly been reincarnated at the time of the conception, takes off as a flash of lighting downward, in its matrix.

As accompanying, I receive at this moment there a very violent electric shock through all my body. My spirits defenders whom I quite trust, give me the necessary strength to support this shock. Sometime and in spite of this rite of psychopompe, certain deceaseds do not want to be reincarnated; for example, by fear of having to again live a very unfortunate life.

During a ceremony, I can perceive that it is not the one for whom I carry out this rite of accompaniment of the deaths which is reincarnated, but certain number of spirits which surround me, that I do not absolutely know. Credibly, they are more sensory than the one that I wanted to help at first instance. I see them leaving as falling stars towards the Earth. When it occurs, at the request of the family, I make the second ceremony for the dead man; most of the time, it makes succeeds. In very exceptional cases, the accompaniment must be five renewed or six times. Nobody excuse on the return to one the too heavy soul to rise.

How and in this life release itself from forms-imprint, it is possible with the meditation and the obtaining of the internal silence. To dissolve the thought forms which are really only flimsiness; the shamans use a recapitulation which becomes automatic.


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