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What is Buddhism’s big concern?



Question asked by a monk to Master Nan’in.

Japan : Master Zen Nan’in (1840 – 1910)

A monk asked this question to Master Nan’in :

‒ Reverend; what is Buddhism’s big concern?

Master Nan’in answered:

‒ The origin of myriad diseases.

The monk asked:

‒ Please heal me!

Master Nan’in answered:

‒ The world and the doctor fold their arms.

A follower made another request:

‒ Reverend, where is the path?

Master Nan’in response :

‒ It is right in front of your eyes.

‒ And why can’t I see it?

‒ Because you are lacking the intention to see, and your only desire is to get, you only think of yourself.

Impertinence of the monk:

‒ What about you? How do you see it ?

‒ As long as your obsession is YOU: You have a binary vision. And you think: I cannot, and you, how do you do it? Your focus is spread and your eyes are obscured.

Curiosity of the monk:

‒ When there is no “I” or “YOU”, is it possible to see the path?

‒ When there is no “I” and no “YOU”, who is asking the question?

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