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You are the bow, the arrow you are, and you’re the target


Tara et le vase de l'accomplissement
Tara et le vase de l’accomplissement
The practice of meditation opens a space mirror that returns a different image of what you thought. The architecture of this space is not subject to the law of the world where your body moves. This is not one where your dream body contemplating the mirages of your imagination. It is another universe where you can simultaneously be the arc that is to say, the manifest body; the arrow, that is to say, through your will and the target, that is to say the subject of your transformation.

The bow and arrow and the target are only moving objects by a condensation of your intent. Only Intention gives you the strength and will be the venue of your metamorphosis. This is a new appreciation of your creativity applied to yourself and directly by you.

Since you came into this body is yours, you only are the observer of its change in its elasticity. From the little child you’ve been that still does your teen in the adult you are today. Weaving a colourful personality shaped by the shock and sudden emotions. This weaving is the place of your chrysalis which locks you. This meditation allows you to consider your chrysalis from within and without. Then you reduce it to what it has never ceased to be a fantastic object mirror where your reality nothing has ever been.

When you want to end an addiction, your meditation becomes a force that helps you to ask “The Infinitesimal Point of Intention.” The sincerity of your resolution is sufficient. It is not, for example, to replace your cigarette or your candy by anything else. Because you’ve decided to finally act like this is enough to ask “The Infinitesimal Point of Intention.” It starts when you accept your weaknesses.

It has four forces in the universe: the electromagnetic force, gravitational force, nuclear force and weak force. Recognize your weakness is a strength that you will use to ask the infinitesimal point of Intent; this also called “Ask the intent. The Intention is very mysterious; you use it to be the target struck by your arrows. But suffice it to stretch the string of your bow to materialize the intent.

When you are addicts, one means of letting go is the desire to forget. The impression of desire operates as a memory. Once you “Ask the infinitesimal point of Intention”, all the memories attached to this memory dissolve. The Force of Intent made to disappear. Attachements are illusions magic evanescent.

Flora Desondes

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