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Karma Yeshe, master in Buddhist sacred arts



Peinture du Temple des Mille Bouddhas
Peinture du Temple des Mille Bouddhas

Karma Yéshé is a master in Buddhist sacred arts of Mendri and Karma Gadri styles.

These styles are ancient traditions of sacred paintings popular in Bhutan and Tibet.

They started in India at the time of Buddha Sakyamouni.

Karma Yéshé was born on April 10, 1966 in Bhutan. His mother, whom he deeply loved, died when he was 9 years old. He felt sick for two months. When he recovered, he was profoundly deaf.

When he reached the age of 10, the Venerable Lama Shérab, spiritual leader of Dashang Kagyu Ling advised him to study the art of painting. He them moved to Timphu, capital city of Bhutan. There he studied the art of decoration painting with professor Tchimé.

He then met Master Kunzang, famous Bhutanese master. He went to Nepal to study in depth sacred painting over a period of many years.

Karma Yéshé au Temple des Mille Bouddhas
Karma Yéshé au Temple des Mille Bouddhas

Now, as the painter of Dashang Kagyu Ling congregation, in the French region of Saône et Loire, he works to complete the decoration of beautiful “Temple of Thousand Buddhas”. This huge work started in 1986 is still going on. Karma Yéshé is currently working on giant mandalas that will decorate the ceiling of the temple. He’s also working on thankas (paintings on canvas) used for meditation and representing the many deities of Himalayan Buddhism.

He also creates many tankhas for Buddhism followers or lovers of sacred paintings.


He’s also an expert in drawing and making of ephemeral colour sand mandalas. Each year, with the help of the lams, he creates a sand mandala of 2 by 2 meters in the Temple of Thousand Buddhas. He also creates smaller sand mandalas on the occasion of cultural exchanges (in the cities of Bale, Amiens, Lyon…).


With much industry and after 20 years of studies and practice, Yéshé has become a great painter, a true master entitled to transmit his sacred art. For several years, he’s been training Westerners to his technique.

Karma Yéshé is affected by a severe deafness. But he speaks English and a little French.

Karma Yéshé
– Association « Pigments et Arts du Monde »
– 20 rue Louis Morard à Paris 14
– 01 46 48 84 41

Dashang Kagyu Ling – Château de Plaige – 71 320 La Boulaye

– Contact Karma Yéshé :

16 rue Bouchu

21000 Dijon


09 51 33 74 29



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