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Video – The pagodas of Yangon (Myanmar)


Yangon is the Pagoda City,

everywhere you go some pagodas come into focus, probably not even Mandalay has as many pagodas, stupas etc. as Yangon. The most prominent pagoda in Yangon is The Shwedagon Pagoda.

Myanmar chronicles tell that in 585 B.C., Tapussa and Bhallika, two Myanmar businessmen went to India to explore trade. They met the Lord Buddha and got eight hair relics.

After returning to Myanmar and to welcome the hair relics, several pagodas were built along the coast of the Indian Ocean.These pagodas are known as San-daw-kyo Payamyar (Pagodas built as a token to welcome the hair relics)

Okkalapa the King himself came to welcome the hair relics. The Shwedagon Pagoda was built and the relics enshrined there. Pagodas are present everywhere in the city and in the very center of Yangon is the probably 2000 year old Sule Pagoda.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is by far the most venerated pagoda in Yangon and in Myanmar, after the Shwedagon Pagoda it’s probably the Maha Muni Temple and Pagoda in Mandalay.

One of the most beautiful Burmese or Myanmar Buddhist pagoda – temple is in Penang Malaysia just opposite a very beautiful Thai Buddhist Temple. It looks like both compete who has the most attractive Buddha Temple in Penang.

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