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Flora Desondes — The autumn equinox holds the balance, that of the weighing of the soul



source.jpgThe shamans use the metaphor of the cycles of the water to illustrate the spiritual evolution of their followers. They say about some ice-cold water that it contains the potentialities of the water liquid as that of its vapour rising in mist.

The spiritual evolution of the human evolves of the winter frost to the full sun of the summer. That is why the shamans are going all over the seasons from the winter to the summer through the dawn of the spring. It is an ascent, the aspiration of the inner self towards its luminous and solar sublimation.

The Time inserts its duration between the winter solstice and that of the summer passes in transit by the explosion of the spring which propels you such the rocket when it extracts of the terrestrial gravitation to investigate the space. But, here, the cycles of the seasons are dancing the unlimited circle where eternal return of the death reducing bodies in dust. Only the soul has the power of its flight, and the former which knew it represented it adorned with the wings of becoming.

While the spring announces from the light of the dawn when it grows and gives birth to the summer; the autumn equinox contemplates beyond the sunset where its red Sun slides behind the horizon, he expects the twilight and long night from the winter. The autumn registers its rhythm by the implosion, it weaves the chrysalis where wait the wings of your soul. Of the summer solstice in that of the winter, the solar light is going to decrease and its shadow lengthen. The autumn equinox holds the balance, that of the weighing of the soul. Then no more make-up makes up your mask, your face is naked and it turns to the point of the Northwest where the Masters of the Karma in their purple dress, hold the balance from which nobody escapes. The purple, puts a point of balance between the red of the operational action and the blue of the introspective thought. The Masters of the Karma contemplate serenely the dress of your aura which release them the state of your behaviour physically, psychologically and psychically; once you have started something, you have to see it through.

It is there that numerous traditions created the cheater; the one who covers the face of a mask and makes up his body. It is not to be recognized when he crosses this limit where the autumn equinox opens the doors of him beyond bodies. The energy of the Time of the autumn marks a pose where on the road of your spiritual evolution a fork draws two possible roads. The man walks towards his ascent which is a rise or its fall which is a descent. But, extremes join and Ouroboros it’s the tail-eating serpent. The soul walks but that no road signs other one than that of the objective introspection indicates him its destination. It is the autumn which weighs the harvest of its fruits.

The sunlight bows and, its running becoming shorter, the night is going to increase; from day to day, it will be longer. You go to have to place your confidence in the weak brilliant clarity of the Moon which lights the omnipresence of the night-. The follower penetrates into his intimate darkness, and he leaves the hand of the master which lights its road as the Sun shines in the daytime.

You are in the axis where bows the autumn, it is in yourselves that you get your weakness to give yourselves to the Spirit. You accept the unchanging inflexibility Will of the sky which is disrupted by none of the clouds of the pride. It is then and, only that you go to recover to straighten in the nudity of your soul. Here, and without discouraging you, the mirages born by imaginary are not any more are fascinating you. Autumn imposes you its wisdom, its grape harvests are made and barrels are closed.

The shaman, as the spiritualist, uses the energy of the autumn to go into the temporal winter of his body, but his attics are full. He lengthens his soul so that it attaches its dress to the threads weaved by the ascent of the Summer Sun both he sound track arc and, aiming at the Sun, his astride his arrow, his Pegasus. It is an irresistible flight which allows you to cross upward, the point of the no return to the seasonal involution. It also is to recognize that nothing differentiates you of the Sun.

In the Amerindian Medicine Wheel, the West and the Setting sun are symbolic of the autumn. Certain peoples of the islands of the South Pacific use the slope west of the Sun to get free of all their problems that they are physical, psychological or psychic. They meet around their shamans to constitute a canoe or some. And they sing by making the movement row towards the sunset where they release and pour their burdens; it is the rite which is effectively liberator.

Joska Soos The Shaman

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