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Barack Obama : “I believe deeply …”



Philadelphia – march 18 , 2008


I believe deeply

that we cannot face the challenges of our time

unless doing it together

unless we do not improve our union

by understanding that we can have different stories,

but which we carry of the common hopes ;

that we can not have same appearance

and not come from the same places,

but which we all want to go in the same direction

towards a better future for our children and our small children.

What is remarkable it is not

how much failed because of discrimination,

but rather how much men and women succeeded in exceeding the obstacles;

how much was able to dig a way,

where there did not exist,

for those which, like me, were to come after them.

Together we can go beyond some of our racial wounds,

and in fact, we do not have an other choice if we want,

because we must,

to continue our way towards a more perfect union.

For the community Afro-American,

this way means to recognize the weight of our past,

without to become victim of this past.

– – Full text of Barack Obama’s Philadelphia speech
– www.buddhachannel.tv

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