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Palm oil a curse ecologically incorrect


A health scourge, palm oil causes fatty deposits in the arteries which form clots that promote infarction: according to research by Raphael Gruman, Nutritionist Diet at Work. Rich in saturated fatty acids, it promotes the elevation of cholesterol in the blood and increases cardiovascular risk.

But palm oil is also disastrous to the environment; its production is causing deforestation of Sumatra and habitats of the last orang-utan in Indonesia.

Under pressure from Greenpeace, Nestle gives up oil Indonesian palm synonymous with deforestation. In France, Casino Group goes further: Soon it will not sell any food product with oil palm.

Palm oil is used throughout most of the spreadable Organic mixture: read the labels. It is also present in foods for children, such as spreadable mixture and other chocolate biscuits: with the added sugar to mask the poverty of flavours, palm oil triggers obesity, asthma and eczema in addition to the risk of premature cardiovascular diseases.

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