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100-Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva


100-Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva


Nam Chö Version

by Lama Palzang, Umze (Chantmaster)

at Palyul Ling Retreat Center, NY

Om Benza Sato Samaya, Manu Palaya
Benza Sato Tei No Pa, Tisthira Dridho Me Bawa
Suto Khayo Mei Ba Wa, Anu Rakto Me Ba Wa, Su Po Khayo Mei Ba Wa
Sar Wa Siddhi Mei Pra Yatsa, Sarwa Karma Sutsa Me,
Tsi Tam Shri Yam Kuru Hung, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Bagawan
Sarwa Tathagata Hri Daya, Benza Ma Mei Muntsa
Benzi Bhawa Maha Samaya Sato Ah

As with any mantra there are many levels to the meaning of the 100 Syllable Mantra.

As a result, one should not become fixated upon any one translation of the mantra.

For example,

each of the syllables in the 100-Syllable Mantra also represents the One Hundred Peaceful

and Wrathful Deities resident in one’s own body and encountered in the Bardo State after death.

By practicing with an open mind, the deeper levels of the mantra will be revealed.

The approximate meaning of the mantra: You, Vajrasattva, have generated the holy mind (bodhicitta) according to your pledge (samaya). Your holy mind is enriched with the simultaneous holy actions of releasing transmigratory beings from samsara (the circling, suffering aggregates). Whatever happens in my life-happiness or suffering, good or bad-with a pleased, holy mind, never give up but please guide me. Please stabilize all happiness, including the happiness of the upper realms, actualize all actions and sublime and common realizations, and please make the glory of the five wisdoms abide in my heart.

Source : www.pcddallas.org/About_Vajrasattva_Practice.htm

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