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Amazake, the sweet japonese delicacy


the sweet japonese delicacy


An amazing light and creamy sweet dessert made from rice, millet or oat

Use straight out of the jar as a pudding or topping on fruits, cakes, pancakes, etc.

Makes delicious sugar-free desserts, puddings, dressings, shakes and sorbets, cakes and muffins, pies and pastries

Easy haute de cuisine in your natural kitchen!


Amazake Basic Dessert is produced according to the traditional Japanese method which involves converting organic wholegrain cereals into simpler natural sugars.

Amazake Basic Dessert does not contain added sugar, dairy products, preservatives, colouring agents, cholesterol or *gluten, is 100% organic and veganistic

* except for Amazake Basic Dessert Oat

The Sweet Secret of Traditional Japan

since 1496

Amazake, literally translated: ‘sweet sake’, is the result of the first alcohol free stage of sake production. Natural enzymes convert the complex carbohydrates of rice into simple sugars. Further fermentation results in products like sake and rice vinegar.

L’amazake est de la famille des produits tels que la sauce de soja japonaise (le shoyu), le miso, le mirin, le vinaigre de riz et le sake, connu aussi bien dans la cuisine traditionnelle que moderne japonaise.


Traditionally food in Japan used to be primarily vegetarian because the mountainous landscape didn’t allow cattle breeding. For this reason a large variety of good quality vegetarian products and culinary dishes were developed .

Buddhist monasteries contributed to this development considerably. It is not surprising that amazake had been developed and became popular in Japan.

The first known reference to Amazake can be found in the Ekiribon Setsuyoshu, a Japanese dictionary that was written between 1496 and 1503. It is likely that the recipe originated in China and later travelled to Japan.

Amazake is related to traditional Japanese soy sauce (shoyu), miso, mirin, rice vinegar and sake. All these products have as a common base koji culture in different combinations.
Al these products have as a common base koji culture in different combinations.

Nowadays, five centuries later amazake drink is still on the menu in Japanese teahouses.

In winter time warm amazake drink is served with a bit of fresh gingerjuice.

Amazake sorbets as a cooling dessert are on the menu in traditional restaurants.

We were surprised to discover its many qualities and started Amazake Basic Dessert for the European market and chose the Japanese name RYORIDO for our company which literally means “the art of cooking”.

Since 1981 RYORIDO produces organic traditional Amazake in the Netherlands.


Ryorido has been producing organic amazake in the traditional Japanese style since 1981.

Cooked rice, millet or oat is mixed with rice koji. In the following process the grain starch is converted into long- and short-chain sugars.


Rice koji is steamed rice that is mixed with the spores of the A.oryzea culture. The right amount of heat, oxygen and moisture promotes the growth of the micro-organisms (this process is more or less identical to tempeh production).

The cultivation of enzymes in this process is the secret of hand-crafted amazake production and the result of many years of skill and experience.e

The result is a delicious sweet cream, which is put into jars. At the end of the process it still contains all the minerals, fibres, fats and proteins from the grain.

This gives Amazake Basic Desserts a soft, full, creamy sweet taste and is the sweet secret of amazake.


Modern health problems such as obesity, food intolerances, and allergies, hyperactivity, skin disease, lung and digestive problems, Alzheimer’s disease, hayfever and asthma are becoming increasingly common. Scientific studies have confirmed the link between such conditions and our diet and we believe they can be prevented by choosing a diet based on whole grains, vegetarian proteins and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Amazake Basic Dessert can be a welcome and delicious contribution to your health maintenance.

Amazake Basic Dessert is free from cholesterol, lactose, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, *gluten, animal proteine, dairy, stabilisers, flavourings and preservatives. It is 100% natural and wholesome.

We have developed many different nice recipes and you can make different combinations with flavours that suit you. This makes Amazake Basic Dessert unique and practical for everybody.

*except for Amazake Basic Dessert Oat



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