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Buddhachannel – 9 languages serving Dharma



Alain-d94b8.gifEvery place in the world is an opportunity to look at it in a different way. Every language also brings its own colour. This is why buddhachannel permits you to look at the buddhist world with a new eye through its nine different languages. Today’s views on buddhism which are brought to you from the Americas, South America, Europe and Asia offer you a deeper understanding of what is the dharma and what it can become for everyone.

Buddhachannel is divided into 9 parts, which all stand for different languages. They work as nine parallel websites, all tied together with bridges and a common philosophy. Every linguistic space is particular; even if some articles are translated, most articles and videos remain specific to one particular language.

In order to increase your Dharma vision, and to find out more about today’s buddhism diversity, we advice you to explore Buddhachannel’s different linguistic spaces.

Because the world is nothing but a single country,

We wish you all a very nice inner journey through all continents.

Alain Delaporte-Digard, Buddhachannel’s director

Translation by Brice Andlauer

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