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Spring Dathün Retreat – A Month of Meditation



Spring Dathün: Four-week Meditation Intensive

Choosing to Live Wholeheartedly

Through rich and profound meditation techniques, a Dathün is an exploration of our humanness, welcoming anyone interested in making friends with who they are, at a fundamental level. Literally meaning ‘moon session’, a Dathün is a month-long program dedicated to the sitting practice of meditation. From early morning to evening we use our time to develop a friendly, genuine yet caring, relationship with our body, speech and mind.

One does not try to be basically good, one simply recognizes that one is basically good. This is how we feel, be, and touch the primal sense of who we are.“ – Sakyong Mipham

During this program you will be introduced to Shambhala Meditation: Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s new practice of connecting directly with basic goodness as the ground for meditation practice and everyday life.

For beginning as well as advanced practitioners, this program will provide a powerful experience, regardless of age or stage in life. 
A Dathün consists of individual meditation instruction, guided meditation, contemplation, and dharma talks, which develop insight and open our hearts towards compassion. Each day follows a traditional schedule, with periods of sitting and walking meditation, exercises, chants, and a short work session. Functional silence is observed for most of the retreat, and we practice mindful eating.

Participants are encouraged to attend the entire Dathün. Those who are able to attend only two or three weeks are very welcome to do so. Please note that first-time participants must enter at the start of the retreat. Those who have attended Dathün previously may also enter at the midway point for the last two weeks.

Refuge Vow will be offered in the latter part of the Dathün.

The Dathün fulfills group practice requirements for the Shambhala Buddhist path.

– Daily retreat scheduleclick here and find out about a typical program day

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