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3D museum features Buddhist cultural heritage


Hanoi, Vietnam — Two exhibitions using 3D virtual reality technology are now available on the Vietnam National Museum of History’s website, featuring the Buddhist cultural heritage and ancient lamps of Vietnam.


The Vietnamese Buddhist Cultural Heritage exhibition can be discovered at www.disanvanhoaphatgiao.egal.vn, and Vietnamese Ancient Lamps at www.denco.egal.vn.

Pictures, audios and videos provide viewers with information on all 150 exhibited items.

The Vietnam National Museum of History holds about 200,000 objects from the ancient time to nowadays. There are many valuable collections of stone, bronze and pottery. Eleven of them have been recognised as national treasure.

The 3D showrooms aim to serve people who are unable to visit the real museum.

3D virtual museum technology has been used by many famous museums in the world such as the Louvre in France, Smithsonian in the US and the Vatican in Italy.

Besides providing visitors a gaze into the beauty of authentic antiquities, even feeling a crack or an extremely complicated inscription that one cannot in a real museum, the 3D virtual showrooms allow people to connect with other museum lovers across the world through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Source : www.buddhistchannel.tv

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