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3 000 warriors “are ready to take up arms to defend the Amazon rainforest


In the Tribune of Geneva Declaration of Chief Raoni:

“I asked my warriors to prepare for war, I also talked to the tribes of the Upper Xingu. We do not let them. We will kill the whites who built this dam, “said Raoni journalists to the show” Seven or eight “TF1 who came to interview him in his village in the Amazon”.

Raoni be sent to all indigenous communities in the region of the Kayapo, with a mission: finding support and funding for protecting forests now threatened by the proposed Belo Monte Dam

Subject of controversy for more than twenty years old; Brazilian federal court has given the green light last April 16 for the construction of this dam on the Rio Xingu, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. With a capacity of 11,000 megawatts, it will become the third largest hydroelectric dam in the world. What is expected in 2015 it opened, but then he now wants “to see if it is possible to negotiate before fighting,” Raoni assured that 3 000 warriors “are ready to take up arms to defend the Amazon rainforest.

The Belo Monte dam is the inundation of 500 square kilometres of land where 20,000 native Amazon will be forced to leave. Raoni comes to France to join his case with President Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac, who prefaced his book Memoirs of an Indian chief. Environmentalists are with him, but James Cameron, writer and director of Avatar: a drama on the same issue of greed against the lives of indigenous territories of their ancestors.

But here, this is not a movie that will make 3000 natives against armed bulldozers, if not die.

The Brazilians have already forgotten the disaster of April, flooding and mudslides that have swallowed so many Brazilians in this misfortune. Again, dead bodies, suffering which are nothing compared to millions of KW which would be produced. As always, the pioneer invader becomes so-called owner of a land that never belonged to him. It operates up to leave them battered and unproductive and leaves further up again … .. but how long yet this massacre?


To remember the massacre at Wounded Knee:


The massacre at Wounded Knee took place in the United States of America (South Dakota) December 29, 1890. About 200 Native American of the Lakota Sioux Minneconjou (including 62 women and children) were killed by the army of the United States. The term “massacre” was used by General Nelson A. Miles in a letter dated March 13, 1917 the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Five hundred soldiers of the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States supported by four Hotchkiss guns surrounded a camp of Lakota Indian, with orders to convey them by train to Omaha, Nebraska. The commander of the 7th had been ordered to disarm first. There are different versions of the massacre but historians agree that the shooting started when disarming the Indians. A shot rang out and the Indians, disarmed and surrounded, were machine-gunned. Twenty-five troopers and 153 Sioux Indians were then killed, including 62 women and children. The Indian dead were buried in a mass grave on the site of the massacre. Other Sioux died of their wounds later. The soldiers pulling four sides at once, some of the military casualties were probably affected by their comrades.

Those corpses of Indians are my brothers and sisters by adoption ritual and ceremonial name I received: Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer was a Lakota Minniconjou by his father John Fire Lame Deer.

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