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Little tales and other stories: Show me your anger



In monasteries, a student could ask the teacher for individual help solve a problem. The master received him in his private room, so either they would walk through a quiet little road where he was listening to his disciple.

That is why one day, a disciple of Master Bankei asked for a private audience.

‒ Master Bankei, help me please: I do not know how disciplining my nature to withstand the fury my anger. They emerge like a storm that sweeps away all my good intentions to meditate peacefully, and be equanime.

‒ It’s strange what you tell me: Show me your anger!

‒ Now, right now, it’s impossible!

‒ But then, when can you?

‒ I do not know, my anger rises suddenly without let me know.

‒ That anger is not yours, or you could show it to me; cut through at the root of anger-hatred and thou shall be free.

At that time, the bond of love between the master and his followers was very strong.
Thus, another day, while Bankei ended his sermon before a large gathering, one of his disciples was caught red-handed stealing.
The misconduct was so serious that it required forthwith to remove guilty; Bankei but acted as if he did not know.

Unpunished the pupil has begin again his thefts, but Bankei remained still silent.

Anger was brewing in the monastery and the monks demanded that Master Bankei expels the thief or all these people

At that moment Bankei spoke:

‒ My good friends, your wisdom is that you can distinguish well from evil; the thief does not know it. Who will teach him except me? If my teaching does not help you: the door is wide open. Go see another master, but the robber will remain as long as he wants.

History says that the thief immediately illuminate and freedom of desire-greed

The words of Master Bankei touched to the heart; and yet it dragged not long sermons or other reviews of endless Sutra.

A other day, in the large crowd gathered around him, there was a jealous man, a master of the Nichiren sect abandoned by his disciples. He was there, decided to show his superiority and thus he accosted Master Bankei.

‒ Tell me then, so-called Zen Master! Here, the assembly listens and respects you, but I do not want anything to your lessons, what are you doing for that I obey thee?

Bankei Master said:

‒ Come closer, approaches that I’ll show it.

Puffed out his chest, the jealous advanced.

‒ Come here on this cushion, sit near me.

‒ AH! Come rather on this chair here, I’ll hear you better when you talk to me.

Always so proud, the man obeyed the words of Master Bankei.

‒ That is right, you become attentive; your obedience is just right to listen carefully to my instruction..

The teachers say that annihilation of jealousy is into the wisdom of achieving spontaneous acts.


Sun or Lotus Nichiren taught that only the Lotus Sutra enables all humans to achieve enlightenment in this life. Later he declared that the earthquakes and famines were caused by the Buddhists whose practice is not that of the Lotus Sutra. Because of its excesses, 1 September 1271, Nichiren was arrested as an enemy of the state and sentenced to death. When he was about to be beheaded on the beach Tatsunokuchi a luminous object crossed the sky and lit up the night into day. His execution was cancelled and at this time he had conviction that he is the bodhisattva Jogyo, Buddha of the last days of the Act.

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