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Who is taking advantage this crime? Or the art of disinformation


Who is benefiting this crime? Or the art of disinformation, slander, sow doubt there will stay always something..
Where yet another scientific report shows that eating less meat and dairy products has no real impact in the fight against global warming.

It is obvious and all the intelligent and compassionate beings know today: it is bad to eat too much meat and dairy products. Become aware of the impact of meat consumption on food safety and environmental. This is detrimental to good health, bad for the environment as by the use of antibiotics and other products mandatory drugs contaminating the water and humans. For these, and other manure slurry that poison our soils, and our rivers; and that without daring to speak of animal suffering. Because these people believe that their immediate gratification are more important than the despairs of battery hens, cow exhausted by its obligation to produce and those pigs who live only to become a slice of ham. These people know, but they pretend to ignore that animal abuse for their plates, and those of consumer formatted by intensive production, are filled to the brim, just like the garbage that end surplus.

What Mr. Le Goff in the columns of Le Monde refers to the irrational fears of the Middle Ages and I quote: “I think I see and hear in most media as a revival of those sides that I believe backlogs missing. Ecology, fear of global warming generate about producing trance and nightmares …. address these trances, I want to say too: we are no longer the Middle Ages”. That’s only his imaginary carnivore. Here, there is no question of fear, but of humanity and compassion. We all know that the Earth does not produce enough food to feed the nine billion people and more coming soon.

Here, there is no question of fear, but of humanity and compassion. We all know that the imbalance between rich and poor is getting worse because the water shortage, and the small self sufficient local agriculture is destroyed for the sole benefit of large areas of productive agricultural grains and other damaging soybean ecology soil and water. Only producers of meat and other farmed fish require this dictum: eat, eat more meat; drink, drink more milk.

Then, become omnivorous humans and not only carnivores. Eat vegetables, vegetable proteins and fruit is good for your health is good for the planet is good for the immediate future of mankind.

What is not said is how greed and violence that result. Buddhists and Hindus vegetarians know: the Hungry Minds also named Hungry feed only suffering and bloodshed. This is also why religious rituals used to slaughter the animals they eat, and do not accumulate on them because eating or drinking the blood (them creed). Others do not eat, for that error is not directly their fault; they know we’re all in this interactive world and on this Earth.


In illustration of this story: Grand Mahakala devourer; painting Shaman Joska Soos

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