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To straddle spring



To straddle spring; seize an opportunity for rebirth with the germ that breaks the earth from hibernation. The spring equinox put a border where winter disappears in the bursting buds. This morning, the violet fragrance opens with the first flight of the butterfly. Spring is just the second after its equinox: day and night are equal. From equinox to summer solstice, all natural forces are mobilizing for the seed, flower and fruit. Meditate with the spring to support germination. You choose what you want to see intensely germinate and you are accompanying your wish by making a true seed in the ground or in a pot. Choose well the substrate that is favourable to this germination. Capturing the pulse of spring also means every morning at daybreak, when the night fades. While the sun is still in its germination, the dawn is spread in a milky sky. One other area where the day is not over and the night is over: and there is silence. You enter the silence of dawn to take the pulse of light; you take this incredible energy that accompanies the onset of the Sun and that every morning you could do it.

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