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Fasting is there a lack of food only ?


icone_meditation.jpgFasting is there a lack of food only? By definition this is true, but shamanism fasting is not used to purify the physical body. Fasting is used to drain the swamp creatures that cling to negative thoughts. I remember my brother Hunka told us: you will remain without food or water for four days and five nights. But if you think that when you go back to eat and drink, do not.

Why four days and five night? This is the time required, and these corpuscles negative energies when you abandon your desire for food leaves you too. With this fast, something you willing to die too, but you’re alive. You have an extraordinary opportunity to be as dead, but alive. What happens then? The spiritual dimension of people approaching you because of your responsiveness is different.

Your eyes, your ears work differently, they are open and available to see and hear the world.

This fast accomplished wilderness, and the days that precede it is already advocating to reduce its food bowl. The Indian advice you to make four hundred and five small bags of prayers; all are different. Bags prayers are red, or multicoloured. Only one thread holds them, it must be long enough to draw a protective circle around the person who will be placed inside.
When he breaks his fasting, meditating provides meals and gifts to his family and his spiritual parents.

Flora Desondes

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