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The key is in ignorance, then the obligation to say that everything is real


Avalokitesvara le sublime
Avalokitesvara le sublime

It is a news story: he has five years and takes a knife on the grounds of refusal. Educators say he should explain to children the difference between real and virtual ……. And his sister, on her hospital bed told investigators that his mother was stabbed ….. …Shamans, like other traditions, say as you’re here, you’re in the dream world. This is why education can pacify the savage behaviour of a person.

Violence to impose its influence on the other, the family, society, is the world of barbarians. Control his desire for the good of others is to live in civilized society.

Since 2500 years, Buddhists have outlined the five poisons: jealousy, greed, anger, hatred, arrogance and ignorance. The key is in ignorance, then the obligation to say that everything is real.
In shamanism, the person and the world in one place, but there are an infinite number of people. How do you know what world you are? Use knowledge of five poisons, to determine which is dominant in you. Knowledge weakens its impact on you.

What all you can acquire it equanimity. You become peaceful, like tea diffuses into water; your inner peace is contagious. In the world of equanimity you’re in your sixth chakra, your third eye is half open. The shamans say that you got the eye of the eagle. To consider the five poisons are magical illusions, we must place ourselves in the practice of Prajnaparamita :…” All phenomena are emptiness, devoid of essential characteristic, they are not born, nor does it stop “…

The origin of suffering is the root of the five poisons. This suffering, which can claim not to suffer! Each poisons cause a feeling attached to it, and a world of pain that is specific. Recognize the pain is to see its origin. All of us are totally manipulated by our emotions. It’s stating the obvious to deny it.
The ignorance of reality is inseparable from the human condition. Because of our ignorance, we created a system to explain the world as we assume it is. To say that everything is real, forces you to look differently that you do not know yet, and more specifically your actions motivated by the content of your emotions. What are your means to establish a distance, breathing, poison between negative emotions and gesture they causes.

Shaman Joska Soós clan Hungarians Baksa told me: strong blow, accompany your end with a gesture for you to identify the emotion.

In shamanism, emotions are considered characters that you use to exist, but they are inconsistent. Only the reactions they provoke in you give them, somehow, the flavour of things. But they force you to keep you captivated prisoner in their world.

Consider the five poisons: anger, hatred, jealousy, greed; arrogance and ignorance like people talking you about what they want get from you. Each poison has its antidote, but he must know how to use.

The antidote to anger, hatred is the mirror-like wisdom not to give a reply. A mirror is perfectly neutral; it gives a reflection which does not change its nature. If you are of anger facing a real mirror, open your eyes wide and look at your image.

The antidote to jealousy is the realization of spontaneous actions. It is conditioned by the nature of fire can be extinguished as quickly as it has been lit. Without fuel the fire exhausted. Caught by a sudden jealousy with its energy, make a sculpture, an object.

The antidote to greed is the form that takes all forms is conditioned by the nature of water and its adaptability. Nothing resists the flexibility and power of water. Greed and other poisons are in the obsessive fixation: it is I want this and I use to get all my skilful means.

The antidote for arrogance is equanimity, said: contemplation state of equal classification, called deep brightness which requires put into practice the teachings of the Prajnaparamita.

The antidote to ignorance is knowledge sharp as diamonds. The “Prajnaparamita” sublime transcendent knowledge is set by the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. He formed the wish to renounce nirvana for all free us from suffering. Seeing that he could not, he wept. And his tears appeared the divine Tara who uttered the wish to be winner of the pain until its extinction. Of course that all is illusion magic, however, immersed in this fantasy, we suffer.

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Flora Desondes

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