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When the last of the tigers will be gone


icone_tigre.jpgThe number of wild tigers in Asia, South East fell by 70% in twelve years and their situation in this region has reached a “critical”, said Tuesday the Global Fund for Nature (WWF)

According to a report released before the opening Wednesday in Thailand, a meeting of ministers from thirteen Asian countries still houses cats, their numbers in the Greater Mekong (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Thailand) fell to approximately 350 individuals, against 1,200 in 1998.

The regional decline is a measure of the global situation, since there is more total than 3000 tigers, against 20,000 in the 80s and 100,000 a century ago. Traditional Chinese medicine is a major consumer of tiger products, which are also threatened by industrialization and reduction of forest areas in which they live
I put this article in parallel with that already published by Buddhachannel.tv [http://www.buddhachannel.tv/portail/spip.php?article5056-> http://www.buddhachannel.tv/portail/spip.php?article5056] Indonesia: The funeral sacred tiger

Shamanism is based on four pillars: Its because everything is vibrating, the Force is the energy of life, the Light that shares intelligence and love that is a prerogative of the divine but also human. With the Force there is peace, health and joy of being. In the animal kingdom, the force of the water is with the shark that is nearly four hundred million years. The Strength of Earth with the mole, the intercessor for all who wish to communicate with the Spirit of the Earth. The Air Force is with the eagle that is the intercessor for all those wishing to escape the earthly; the force of fire is with the tiger, the guardian of the laws of power. It is no coincidence that the tiger is also emblematic of the master. Shamans believe that the tiger is inseparable from pure energy into positive activity for the greater good of all living.

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