Home Buddhist space Society Which means of pressure can we use against the Burmese junta ?

Which means of pressure can we use against the Burmese junta ?



Which means of pressure can we use

against the Burmese junta ?

The only way to paralyse the Burmese economy is to put on an embargo.

The junta would not be able to pay its 40,000 soldiers anymore! But China and India buy its raw materials and Thaïland its precious stones.China fully supports the junta. India is not able or not willing to go without Burmese gas. The Indian media and public opinion are really discreet about what is going on in the country. Thaïland keeps on selling famous Burmese rubies.

Even if the international community put on a stricter economic blockade, without the Chinese and Indian supports, the junta wil keep its main customers, and therefore its financial power.

The regime created an impressive trap. As they were trained for guerilla warfare, the Burmese leaders structured the country on an original defense strategy.

On the military side, with a capital city which is 400 kilometers away from Rangoon; dictators feel above any danger. Even if people walked towards Naypyidaw, which is only a giant bunker, demonstrators would not have any chance to reach the city.It would be a slaughter.

An international offensive would not solve the problem either. The operation would become more complex that Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. The overpaid soldiers would protect their privileges. They actually lived separated from teh rest of the population, in specific and comfortable villages. Their lives are far away from the daily life of the average Burmese.

The junta changed the country into a commercial firm, whose benefits go to the dictators. The current government stole the power during the last elections in 1990, which should have brought Aung San Suu Kyi as Prime Minister, but also the whole money of the country gets into the dictators’ pockets, especially, Than Scwe, the president and Maung Aye, the commander in chief of the armies.

What might change in the country ?

The inner fight between chiefs could change the current situation : the lure of profit generated violent fights between the president and the commander in chief of the armies. They eliminated Khin Nyun, leader of the army’s intelligence agnecy. Others wait for their time to take the power. These intern conflicts which are badly managed might be a chance. But when will the organization fall?Like every Empire, its end will comes. But there still will be a lot of pain before that day.

Otherwise only a total embargo can be effective. So, Chinese, Indian and Thaï leaders, are you capable of acting as world’s citizens by offering to Burmese people the best gift ever : freedom?

What do we have to help the Burmese population? Praying and believing in justice. These are certainly huge forces, bur some days we have difficulties to believe in them. The lack of power is always raging and depressing.

At least we can keep watching to use every single gap : keep our eyes fully open.

Alain Delaporte-Digard for www.buddhachannel.tv

Translate by Thomas Prado

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