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Only the REAL TRUTH can solve the Tibet Crisis



An Appeal for Freedom and Justice – March 22, 2008

ASSAM, India – Yet again the world catches glimpses, despite Chinese attempts to hide what’s happening, of another uprising by the Tibetan people inside their most unhappy land.

tib-nuns-protest.jpg<< Tibetan Buddhist nuns carrying Tibetan flags at the Tsuglakhang temple in Dharmsala, before the beginning of a silent protest march to the lower town about nine kilometres south of Dharmsala, India. 26 Mar 2008

The causes of this latest revolt are not new; their suffering began in 1951, when the Chinese invaded, and it continues unabated. The unarmed people of Tibet are protesting the brutal occupation of their country and the cultural genocide that is being committed by the Chinese Government against Tibetans.

Like the Buddhist monks, nuns, and ordinary citizens of Burma in last September’s Saffron Revolution, the Tibetans have experienced ethnic cleansing, economic exploitation, and every sort of violation of human rights. Likewise, they have been tear gassed, clubbed, shot, and imprisoned by their oppressors for daring to show the truth of their unendurable occupation. We join many other Theravada monks and nuns in expressing our sympathy for and solidarity with our siblings in the Teaching of the Lord Buddha, the Sangha and people of Tibet.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that China is trying to make scapegoats out of the people of Tibet. With our loving-kindness and compassion, we seek to ameliorate the sufferings of the innocent Tibetan people and to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Dhamma. In truth, what is happening in Tibet is an atrocity not only against them, but also against the world community. It is a denial of universal human rights.

Naturally, human beings resist oppression. The truth is that the Chinese illegally occupied Tibet fifty-seven years ago, crudely destroying a lovely, gentle culture, suppressing profound Buddhist practices, and obliterating innumerable priceless artifacts.

The outcry and protests of the Tibetan Saffron Revolution will continue unless the Chinese government comes to understand that might does not make right and that repeating lies does not make them true. Tibetans want the freedom to live in their own sovereign nation as citizens enjoying their rights and privileges without the interference of outside governments.

The responsibility for this crisis lies not with the protesters nor with the Tibetan people, but with the Chinese leadership itself. The Chinese Government must abandon its claim on Tibet. To that end, the Chinese people should recognize that, because the actions of their government are in direct violation of the principles and spirit upon which the Olympics were founded, the Olympic Games should not take place as scheduled in Beijing. These games should be cancelled or, at least, boycotted by all those who treasure freedom and justice.

We call upon the international community to assist in finding an appropriate process by which the problem can be resolved in the interest of all concerned – the Chinese government, the Dalai Lama and his exiled government, the Tibetan protesters, and the Tibetan people. We passionately urge the following:

– that the Chinese government stop all atrocities against the Tibetan protesters.
– that the Chinese government declare an amnesty and release all Tibetan political prisoners.
– that the protesters follow the path of non-violence until reconciliation can be achieved.
– that the United Nations and European Union intervene on behalf of the people and the exiled leadership of Tibet by requesting that China end its Tibetan occupation.
– that Asian nations, such as India, respect and protect the human rights of the peoples of neighboring countries.

Contact Person: Ven. Ariyawantha (Assam) Tel. 990 371-6085

Statement by Ven. Ariyawantha

Source : BBC/Burmese Section, The Buddhist Channel

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