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Wat Kow Tahm (Mountain Cave Monastery) International Meditation Center, Thailand



For some 50 years now people have been coming to Thailand, for a variety of reasons, and trying out some meditation.

Most temples will receive foreigners, but only a few have a proper program for teaching meditation in English. Having a good teacher, who is proficient in English is essential for getting to grips with the intricacies of the mind.

Various temples and great abbots have risen to prominence, and drifted from view again. All the while, at Wat Kow Tahm, since 1988 there have been regular vipassana retreats in English led by Steve and Rosemary Weissman.


The schedule appears strict, wkt-standing-meditation.gif but in the context of meditation the fewer choices one has to make the easier it is to just observe the mechanics of the mind. With the support of the practise, it is always surprising just how much you can accomplish Wat Kow Tahm Standing meditationin training the mind. Practise involves developing clear moment to moment awareness, and wise refelction on the choices one makes in thought, action and speech. This mindfulness is honed in all postures of sitting, standing and walking. Dhamma talks and meditation instructions throughout the day help to focus ones intention and determination.

A number of our Little Bangkok Sangha, both experienced meditators and beginners, have joined these 10 day retreats and all return full of compliments and good reports. Now entering their 20th year of residency at Wat Kow Tahm Steve and Rosemary have honed the centre, the environment, the diet … all to maximise retreatants good experience and progress in the meditative methods of vipassana.
Wat Kow Tahm (Mountain Cave Monastery) International Meditation Center attracts an ever increasing number of people from all over the world interested in studying and practicing the methods, techniques and tools of mental development taught by Rosemary and Steve Weissman; the resident teachers since 1988.


“They feel that through an overall and balanced mental development practice, we may be able to gain Insight into our own nature and the laws of Nature; developing deep Compassion and Understanding of the origins of difficulties and stress, and how to end them”.

Contact :


PO Box 18

Koh Phangan

Surat Thani 84280


Website : http://www.watkowtahm.org

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