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International Nyingmapa Rigdzin Community – Switzerland



Rigdzin Community is a Buddhist community founded and directed by Namkha Rinpoche with lay and ordained practitioners from all over the world. 
The main goal of the association is to give access to the holy teachings and practices of the Nyingma Lineage (the oldest tradition of Tibetan Buddhism ), in the aspects of sutra, tantra and dzogchen.

The community is devoted to eastern as well as western people without discrimination and has established centers in several countries like Tibet, Nepal, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, USA, France, The Netherland and Switzerland to spread the holy Buddha Dharma. The community is open to all people, and includes monks, nuns, practitioners and people interested in the Dharma. Today there are more than one hundred thousand people who receive teachings through Namkha Rinpoche’s Rigdzin Community.

Rigdzin Namkha Gyamtso Rinpoche is now giving teachings according to the Düdjom Tersar lineage in the Ewam Rigdzin Sangchen Thegchok Ling center in Switzerland and oftenly within Europe (The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Lituania, etc.). This represents an extraordinary opportunity to receive the transmission of Namkha Rinpoche’s ligneage in those countries. It’s the first time in history that this holy lineage is given on a regular basis in Switzerland.

In order to promote inner peace and genuine relaxation, Rinpoche offers a variety of skilful means according to individuals capability. He has the wish to teach the holy Dharma transcending any culturals differences, and he is determinated to overcome any obstacles, showing his infinite compassion for every sentient being. It is a huge honor for the Ewam Rigdzin Sangchen Ösel Thegchok Ling center to be able to welcome him and to propose to anyone to come and meet him.

Since Rinpoche is living in Switzerland, the “Rigdzin Community” is constituted as a non-profit association according to the swiss law.

The community is open to all people, and includes monks, nuns, practitioners and people interested in the Dharma.

The centers of the International Buddhist Rigdzin Community are open to anyone interested in learning about meditation and spiritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

In a very warm and direct way, Namkha Rinpoche provides teachings in the centers of the Rigdzin community, where he transmits the key points of the Tibetan Buddhism wisdom. He specially covers the development of patience and compassion, applied in the everyday life. Rinpoche explains clearly and deeply how mind can be a source of both happiness and suffering and how it is possible to train this mind to eradicate the suffering and its causes. By meditation practices, he demonstrates how to transform our disturbing emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and so on, and to find an inner peace and a deep contentment in order to overcome the difficulties of everyday life.

Address: Trabandan 51, Vaud, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone: 079 291 87 22

EMail: andreslarrain@yahoo.com

Website: www.namkha.org

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