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NY Students demand freedom of language in Tibet


New York, October 21st – Around 60 students and Tibetan community members gathered in NYC’s busy Union Square to send a message of solidarity to the thousands of Tibetan students who have protested for “Equality of Race and Freedom of Language,” this week in Tibet.

Tibetan students in New York held placards with the 30 letters of the Tibetan alphabet to symbolize their support for the Tibetan students for language freedom. The students also held signs reading “Language freedom in Tibet” and “In solidarity with the Tibetan students.”

Speaking to the gathering, Nick Glatta from Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) said “As long as Tibetan students in Tibet voice their desires for equality and language rights, we will be there to amplify their demands.”


Ngawang Tashi, president of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC) of New York and New Jersey reiterated that all Tibetans outside of Tibet, “in particularly Tibetan students” must support the Tibetan students in Tibet.

Members from SFT and the RTYC passed out flyers and educated passers-by as large crowds gathered to watch the solidarity action.

Similar solidarity actions will be occurring on college campuses and in cities across the world.

Source: Young Tibet Online

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