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Dalai Lama commends growing interest in buddhism in Himalayan regions



Nubra, Ladakh 22.07.2010: His Holiness the Dalai Lama has commended the growing interest among both the monastic and lay communities in the Himalayan regions in studying Buddhism.

Speaking to a large gathering of over 5,000 Buddhist devotees from different parts of Ladakh, His Holiness lauded the people living in the Himalayan regions for developing awareness in not merely reciting scriptures, but more importantly in studying the teachings of Buddha and Buddhist masters. His Holiness also lauded the development of schools and centres of modern education in the region.

A ceremony was held in the main prayer hall of Samtenling Monastery during which the Gaden Tripa offered Mendel Tensum to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In his address, His Holiness said: “I had received many teachings from the incumbent Gaden Tripa Jamgon Gyalway Gyaltsab Rizong Rinpoche. Today, I am indeed very happy to meet with Gaden Tripa Rizong Rinpoche and the people of Nubra valley at his monastery.”

His Holiness also expressed his happiness in meeting with spiritual friends from countries like Britain, Russia and Korea with renewed interest in the study of Buddhism despite it being not their ancestral religion.

Later in the afternoon, His Holiness the Dalai Lama accompanied by His Eminence the Gaden Tripa visited Samgon Jamtse Thosam School, which is a branch of Central Institute of Buddhist Studies. During the visit His Holiness watched schoolchildren participating in religious debate.

Source: Northern Voices Online

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