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India — Buddhists pray for world peace in Gangtok


Hundreds of Buddhist devotees and monks have congregated at Guru Lhakhang to pray for world peace and welfare of the humanity.

For the propagation of Buddhism, Guru Kubum NyingmaTsechu Association (GKNTA) has organised the ‘Annual Vajra Guru Recitation’.

“This prayer, which is being held here, is in honour of Rinpoche and is basically for the well being and for the world peace. This has been going for past a week and not just for the benefits of only Sikkim people but also for the people all around the world for prevention of natural calamities like landslides, earthquake,” said Tsewang Doma, Buddhist devotee.

Devotees and monks are chanting holy mantras as they offer prayers for peace and harmony.

“We are celebrating the birth anniversary of guru Rinpoche and this is a week long festival and our higher monk have come here for the prayers and for the betterment of the world,” said Kalzang Gelek, President of Kubum Nyingma Tsechu Association (GKNTA).

The objective for the ceremony is to help ameliorate the sufferings caused by nuclear weapons, evil spirits, and terrible diseases, destruction from natural calamities and to achieve ultimate happiness, world peace, perfect and complete Buddha hood.(ANI)

Source: news.oneindia.in

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