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April 22, 2010 – 40th anniversary of Earth Day


40th anniversary of Earth Day, but in truth our Earth tolerate us, but for how long? Our Earth has more than 4 billion years and the man who is a dust of time on his back.

These last days we certainly had given a lesson in humility facing the fragility of our certainty of being the master of all circumstances planned. That volcano sneezes and that all our planes grounded: supplies and other cargo in destination impossible.

24 hours to watch how all these little things are foraging the flowers of tomorrow are our fruits.

24 hours just to remind ourselves that the Earth gives us and gives us … .. …. this life to live and breathe again.

May the noble Chenrezig dispel impure karmic appearances and misunderstanding.


En illustration Flora Desondes Image : Un bourdon butine une fleur de pommier.

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