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Muhammad Yunus : ‘For me, the poor are like bonsais’


‘For me, the poor are like bonsais.’


Muhammad YUNUS, Peace Nobel Prize.

For me, the poor are like bonsais.
If you plant the best seed of largest trees in a pot of flowers,
you will obtain a counterpart of this tree high of a few centimetres.

This n’ is not the seed which poses problem:
c’ is the ground which is not appropriate.

The poor are man-bonsais.
It n’ there nothing bad in their origins has.

The company simply did not give them that which they would have needed to develop.
To leave the poor poverty, should be created a favorable environment.
Once the poor will be able to release their energy and their creativity,
poverty will disappear very quickly.

Let us unite our hands to give to each human being a chance to release its energy and its creativity.

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