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Mu Sang Sa / Kye Ryong San International Zen Center – South Korea



Established in March 2000, Mu Sang Sa is an International Zen temple where people from all around the world who are interested in meditation can easily learn and practice Zen in Korea, a country that has maintained a deep-rooted legacy of Zen practice and a strong Buddhist tradition since the 4th century.

Mu Sang Sa support a community of foreign monks, nuns, and laypeople who want to practice Zen following the teachings of the late Great Zen Master Seung Sahn. Many students come to practice or train here and later return to help their Zen Centers in their countries.

Like all Korean Zen temples, Mu Sang Sa hosts two three-month intensive meditation retreats (Kyol Che) a year during the summer and winter. Kyol Che is a time when one can completely devote oneself to meditation practice away from worldly distractions. At other times of the year, Mu Sang Sa organize short weekend retreats and hold a weekly ZEN MEDITATION CLASS on every Sunday.


The temple is located on Kye Ryong Sahn, a mountain famed for its strong mystical energy in Korea. Other great temples are also located on this mountain, such as Dong Hak Sa, Kap Sa and Shin Won Sa. Many great Korean Zen Masters, such as Kyong Ho Sunim and Man Gong Sunim have practiced on this mountain before. Zen Master Seung Sahn carefully viewed many sites over a period of five years before finally choosing the present location at the end of 1998.

Mu Sang Sa sits directly beneath Kuk Sa Bong (National Teacher’s Peak), where long ago an eminent master predicted that 800 Great Dharma Teachers would appear to help this world.

The temple consists of four buildings, the Main Buddha Hall, a Zen Hall, a Residence building and the office. The Zen building has two floors, the first containing eight residential rooms, and the second a large Zen room in which everyone practices together. The Residence building has three stories, the first housing a kitchen and dining room, and the other floors, residents’ rooms.

The Main BUDDHA HALL, or Dae Ung Jon in Korean, sits on a small rise above the Zen building. It has an inspiring view of the valley of rice fields below and the mountains in the far distance. The Buddha Hall is clearly visible from the valley and bids an impressive welcome to visitors as they approach Mu Sang Sa.

The American Zen Master Dae Bong Sunim, who has stayed at Mu Sang Sa since the very beginning of the construction, practicing and teaching in a run-down prefab house in order to uphold his teacher’s wishes, and who was the pioneer in the history of Mu Sang Sa. Also the American abbot Mu Shim Sunim, who made the most of his more than twenty year’s experience living in Korea, constructing the Main Buddha Hall and meticulously carrying on various projects around the temple. These two monks, who have received Dharma transmission from their teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn, are absorbed in teaching the students who visit Mu Sang Sa.

Address: Chung-nam, Kyeryong-shi, Duma-myon, Hyanghan-ri 452-13 South Korea 321-917

Phone: Office (82) 42-841-6084

Fax: (82) 42-841-1202

EMail: info@musangsa.org

Website: http://www.musangsa.org

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