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Buddhist Tale : The Light of the World



THERE was a certain Brahman in Kosambi, a wrangler and well versed in the Vedas.

As he found no one whom he regarded his equal in debate he used to carry a lighted torch in his hand, and when asked for the reason of his strange conduct, he replied:

  • ‘The world is so dark that I carry this torch to light it up, as far as I can.”

A samana sitting in the market-place heard these words and said:

  • “My friend, if your eyes are blind to the sight of the omnipresent light of the day, do not call the world dark. Your torch adds nothing to the glory of the sun and your intention to illumine the minds of others is as futile as it is arrogant.”

Whereupon the Brahman asked:

  • “Where is the sun of which you speak?”

And the samana replied:

  • “The wisdom of the Tathagatha is the sun of the mind. His radiancy is glorious by day and night, and he whose faith is strong will not lack light on the path to Nirvana where he will inherit bliss everlasting.”

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