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Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women establishes Taiwan branch


The Taiwan Branch of the Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women has been hold its Inaugural Ceremony on Sunday, May 31, from 5-6:30 PM at the Wanhua Longshan Temple Banqiao Culture Square, 7th Floor Conference Hall. The distinguished scholars and Buddhist nuns Ven. Karma Lekshe Tsomo (University of San Diego, USA) and Ven. Heng Ching (National Taiwan University, professor emerita), was presided. All are invited to attend the Inaugural Ceremony and join Sakyadhita Taiwan.

Sakyadhita Taiwan photo de groupe
Sakyadhita Taiwan photo de groupe

Sakyadhita, the name of the International Association of Buddhist Women, means “Daughters of the Buddha.” The objectives of Sakyadhita, as expressed at its founding meeting in 1987 in Bodhgaya, India, are: To promote world peace through the practice of the Buddha’s teachings, to create a network of communications for Buddhist women throughout the world, to promote harmony and understanding among the various Buddhist traditions, to encourage and help educate women as teachers of Buddhadharma, to provide improved facilities for women to study and practice the teachings, to help establish the Bhikshuni Sangha (community of fully-ordained nuns) where it does not currently exist. Among its many activities since 1987, the Sakyadhita International Association has held over ten international conferences throughout Asia, Europe, and North America and has published numerous articles and books.

Taiwan’s is the first official Sakyadhita Branch in Asia; applications from other countries worldwide are pending approval. It is especially crucial and timely that the Sakyadhita Association establishes a Branch in Taiwan, for Buddhist women in Taiwan are active in a variety of international forums. Many Buddhist women in Taiwan are influential leaders in their respective fields, including business, government, law, human rights, etc. Sakyadhita Taiwan will document and publicize their achievements to inspire Buddhist women in other parts of the world.

Taiwan has a very well-established Bhiksuni Sangha. These bhiksunis are not only very well educated, but also very socially engaged. They are socially respected and financially independent. They are actively involved in a wide variety of fields, due to their high level of education and experience. At the same time, these bhiksunis are often committed to specific Buddhist organizations. Sakyadhita Taiwan will act as a bridge to link nuns and laywomen from these various organizations.

Other missions of Sakyadhita Taiwan include the following: To help Buddhist women in Taiwan to reach out, communicate more effectively, expand their worldview, connect with Buddhist women in other countries, and be an active part of the international Buddhist community; to cultivate leadership potential, especially among the younger generation.

Sakyadhita Taiwan will offer educational projects: classes in Buddhist English; a newsletter to introduce to international Buddhist issues; an alliance of Buddhist translators; organize lecture series, workshops, and seminars; and act as a body of consultants to advise and facilitate various Buddhist groups on issues of significance to Buddhist women. Sakyadhita Taiwan will also work to compile a database, encourage research, and produce publications on Buddhist women leaders from various traditions. Sakyadhita Taiwan will also facilitate volunteering opportunities in India, Bangladesh, and other Sakyadhita-networked countries. Finally, Sakyadhita Taiwan will provide information on ordination, educational opportunities, and visa requirements for Buddhist women who are international students in Taiwan.

– For more information about Sakyadhita International, see www.sakyadhita.org

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