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Ven. Geshe Sonam Thargye — Please look at the faces of these two young women !


Please look at the faces of these two young women.

They are both suffering at the hands of the Chinese government in Tibet.

Sangye Lhamo & Pema Yangtso
Sangye Lhamo & Pema Yangtso

Second member of family arrested

Sangye Lhamo, my niece, was arrested in March 2008 whilst conducting a peaceful protest in the main street of Ganzi, Eastern Tibet. She was eventually located in a jail near Chengdu, China – about 200km from her home village and nunnery.

Sangye Lhamo has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for her actions.

Since being located, she has been visited at the prison by friends and is thought to be in reasonable health.

However, she is not permitted to wear her nun’s robes. She is also not permitted to shave her head.

She is forced to work all day and well into the night making toys, a task for which she receives no payment.

Pema Yangtso is Sangye Lhamo’s cousin, and also my niece.

She is now missing!

On March 21, 2009, Pema Yangtso staged a protest near a Chinese Army barracks.

She was detained by being given an electric shock and was in an unconscious state when arrested.

She is now missing – whereabouts unknown.

Your efforts to help draw attention to the plight of Sangye Lhamo last year through emails and letters to both the Australian and Chinese authorities were much appreciated by her family and friends.

So I am asking for your help once again

I ask you to help this situation by telephoning, emailing or writing letters to the Chinese Embassy specifically asking for information about Pema Yangtso perhaps asking where she is, asking what is happening to her, asking when she will be released.

I believe that if many, many people contact the embassy with these questions, and asking for information, then it can help my niece and also others who have been arrested for similar ‘offences’.



The atrocities continue.

Thank you very much for any support you can give with this terrible situation.

from Geshe Sonam Thargye

Drolkar Buddhist Centre, Paraparap, Victoria (Australia)

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