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How To Meditate Mindfully : Just Watch

Le 28 July 2014, by Buddhachannel Eng.

How To Meditate Mindfully : Just Watch @Seeding-Chaos Acceptance Meditation is not striving to get somewhere in the way we we usually do with most activities. In fact trying to be more relaxed, or to achieve a certain state with meditation, is likely to be counter-productive. Meditation is best practiced by letting go, with an attitude of patience, trust and acceptance of the present moment. Watching your mind and body intently, but without getting caught up in it (...) continue


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A Buddhist Monk’s Vegetarian Diet To Minimize Chemical Exposure

Weekday vegetarians ready to ramp up their meatless-ness may find (...)

Vegetarianism in Buddhism

A Vegetarianism is a difficult, but yet an important issue for Buddhists, (...)

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Summer retreat - 6-16 August

PRESENTATION Lama Tenzin Samphel and the association Shedup Künsang Chöling invite you take part in a Vajrakilaya Drubchen in the presence of Kangyur Tulku Jigme Rinpoche and Khentrül Jigme Namgyal Dorje Rinpoche from the 6th to the 16th August 2014. The ritual will be based on the practices of the Putri Repung and Namchag Putri, termas of the Dudjom Tersar lineage. It will take place at the Abbey in Bonneuil en Valois in the OISE (60), a site particularly propitious for this sort of event (...) continue

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Theravada in Bangladesh

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United Trungram Buddhist Fellowship

Established by His Eminence Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche as a nonprofit organization in 1992, UTBF is dedicated to the spiritual advancement of people worldwide through promotion of the principles of nonviolence, social justice and mutual understanding. More specifically, UTBF endeavors to preserve and promote the rich traditions of the Buddhist teachings, improve educational conditions for the general public and deliver basic spiritual help, healthcare and emergency relief for those in need. (...) continue

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Buddhachannel Eng.

Buddhachannel is a media and television focused on the values of Eastern (...) continue

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The Gentle Art of Zen Mondo - A Classic Zen Tale

A Zen Tale The Gentle Art of Zen Mondo A Classic Tale From the Rakugo Storyteller’s Repertoire translation and adaptation by poet Arthur Binard The Joshu region of Japan is known for the dry winds that bluster down from the mountains and for the konnyaku plants that grow in the fields. The plants’ potato-like tubers are sliced and dried, then boiled and shaped into deliciously chewy patties, which are also called, simply, konnyaku. In southern Joshu, on the outskirts of the town of Annaka, there lived a konnyaku maker named Rokubei. Born and raised in Edo, he might have spent his whole life there, but a tendency to drink heavily, gamble unluckily, and frequent houses of ill (...) continue

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Ajahn Sumedho - The Four Noble Truths - A Handful of Leaves (Part 2) Introduction

Digha Nikaya, Sutta 16 The Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, the Buddha’s teaching on the Four Noble Truths, has been the main reference that I have used for my practice over the years. It is the teaching we used in our monastery in Thailand. The Theravada school of Buddhism regards this sutta as the quintessence of the teaching of the Buddha. This one sutta contains all that is necessary for understanding Dhamma and for enlightenment. Though the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta is considered to be the first sermon the Buddha gave after his enlightenment, I sometimes like to think that he gave his first sermon when he met an ascetic on the way to Varanasi. After his enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, (...) continue


The 9th Alms Giving Ceremony of Southern Thailand

Students of International Buddhist College (IBC), monks as well as lay people, participated in the 9th Alms Giving Ceremony of Southern Thailand, organized by Dhammakaya, in collaboration with Tourism Authority. About 10,000 monks and hundreds & thousands of people of southern Thailand participated in this ceremony. It was a majestic sight of an unending shaven heads with serene looks and thousands of enthusiastic & generous lay people with basket full of Alms. The event took place in the city of Hat Yai, the third largest city of Thailand in the Songkhla Province. Dana or Donation is an important concept in Buddhism. It is normally said that Dana not only helps to accumulate (...) continue

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Zhou Fang - painter during the mid-Tang dynasty

Zhou Fang T’ang Dynasty Beauties Wearing Flowers (46*180cm) Zhou Fang (c. 730-800 CE, Chinese: 周昉, Wade-Giles Chou Fang) was one of two influential painters during the mid-Tang dynasty. He was also known as Zhou Jing Xuan and Zhong Lang. Zhou lived in the Tang capital of Chang’an, which is now modern Xi’an, during the 8th century. He came from a noble background and this was reflected in his works, which included 簪花仕女图, translated as Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers. He was influenced by the pure and detailed style of Gu Kai-zhi and Lu tan-wei from the Six Dynasties in his work. The late Tang dynasty art critic Zhu Jing Xuan said: "Zhou Fang’s Buddha, celestial beings, figures, (...) continue