What Buddhism Says About Success

Le 3 July 2015, by Buddhachannel Eng.

The first thing Buddhism would say about success is that it is fleeting, like everything in this world. Impermanence was the Buddha’s first great insight into the nature of reality. He also understood that as a consequence, loss and its consequent suffering are written into the fabric of human life. Whatever we attain or accomplish in life—whether it be wealth, fame, status or power—is destined to fade and pass away. None of it is worth pinning our deepest hopes on; none of (...) continue


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Sept-Oct 2015 - Retreat Program

Sept-Oct 2015 - Retreat Program at Dechen Choling Meditation Center Shambhala Training 4 - Awakened Heart Date: 12 - 13 September Weekend meditation retreat for advanced students of the Shambhala Buddhist Tradition. Mindfulness in Nature - Retreat Date: 12 - 17 September With: Mathias Pongracz Discover the transformative power of the natural world. Taught in French (translation available). Contemplative Photography Workshop (Level 1) Date: 18 - 23 September With: Hèlen Vink "Seeing From (...) continue

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Manchester Buddhist Centre, England

Foun­ded in 1977, Manchester Buddhist Centre has taught the essen­tial prin­ciples of med­it­a­tion and Buddhism to thou­sands of Man­cuni­ans. In July 1996, they moved from Chorlton to Turner Street. Once a derel­ict Vic­torian ware­house, it is now a place of sim­pli­city and beauty. Manchester Buddhist Centre has been teach­ing Buddhism and med­it­a­tion in Manchester since 1977. Med­it­a­tion and Buddhism courses run all year in the even­ing and in the day time. On the second floor is Body­wise Nat­ural (...) continue

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Buddhachannel is a media and television focused on the values of Eastern (...) continue

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The Practice of Chanting in Buddhism

Chanting is very common to any religion. Buddhism is no exception in this regard. However, the aim and purpose of chanting is different from one religion to another. Buddhism is unique in that it does not consider chanting to be prayer. The Buddha in many ways has shown us to have confidence in our own action and its results, and thereby encouraged us to depend on no one but ourselves. This in fact is the sum and substance of His last message in the Mahaparinibbana Sutta. One of the passages in this discourse reads: "Ananda, be dependent on yourself, take refuge in yourself and not in others, by this mean be dependent on the Dhamma, go for refuge to the Dhamma — the righteous (...) continue

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Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way (XI) — by Nagarjuna

Arya Nargarjuna Mulamadhyamaka-karikas Fundamentals of the Central Philosophy of Buddhism Section 11: An Analysis of the Past (purva) and Future Limits (aparakiti) of Existence (samsara) XI.1. The great ascetic Buddha said: "The extreme limit (koti) of the past cannot be discerned." "Existence-in-flux" (samsara) is without bounds; indeed, there is no beginning nor ending of that existence. XI.2. How could there be a middle portion of that which has no "before" and "after"; It follows that "past," "future," and "simultaneous events" do not obtain. Birth and death are not separate/different, not simultaneous/the same. XI.3. If birth is regarded as the former, and growing old and (...) continue


VN’s fourth largest pagoda construction to start in Lang Son, Vietnam

A groundbreaking ceremony of the country’s fourth largest pagoda named Phat Quang Son will take place in the northern province of Lang Son May 15-17, Hoang Van Pao, director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has said. The provincial People’s Committee will coordinate with Vietnam Buddhist Shangha Central Executive Council to host the event. Construction of Phat Quang Son, the first pagoda built in the country’s borderland, is expected to cost about VND600 billion (US$32 million), donated by businesses, benefactors, domestic Buddhist followers and oversea Vietnamese. The pagoda’s total planned area is 21 hectares in Ha Nan Mountain root, close to Tan Thanh Border (...) continue

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