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Zen for beginners - Sit to your Limit, Plus One Minute

Le 20 November 2014, by Buddhachannel Eng.

Sit to your Limit, Plus One Minute For Raw Beginners: When just beginning to learn zazen and practicing alone at home, to “sit to your limit plus one minute” can help you develop ease and the prerequisite patience with a practice that can play an important part in how you view and live your life. The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits - A Guided Tour Prepare a clean, quiet and simply-arranged place in your home where others won’t intrude. Arrange a chair, seiza (...) continue


Zem — Vive le vent, vive le vent…

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Nov 15 - Nov 22 : Silent Illumination Chan Retreat

"Silently and serenely, one forgets all words,
Clearly and vividly everything appears before you." The above comes from the poem “Silent Illumination,” composed by Master Hongzhi Zhengjue, a 12th century lineage holder of the Caodong (Jap. Soto) school of Chan Buddhism. They describe the mind of someone who has left behind all attachment to thought and conceptualization. Doing this, they clearly know the nature of things through the direct experience of enlightenment. Master Hongzhi wrote (...) continue

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Chuang Yen Monastery - USA

Chuang-yen Monastery is a Chinese Pure Land Buddhist temple/monastery in Putnam County, New York, near the town of Lake Carmel. Its Great Buddha Hall houses the largest Buddha statue (Vairocana Buddha) in the United States. The complex also includes a major library and research center, primarily for East Asian religious studies. The monastery was built and is maintained by the Buddhist Association of the United States on land donated by C. T. Shen. His autobiography, My Memoir is published (...) continue

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Buddhachannel Eng.

Buddhachannel is a media and television focused on the values of Eastern (...) continue

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Good Questions Good Answers : Rebirth III

GOOD QUESTIONS GOOD ANSWERS With Ven. S. Dhammika Questions on Rebirth SO IF OUR LIVES ARE DETERMINED BY OUR KARMA, CAN WE CHANGE IT? Of course we can. That is why one of the steps on the Eightfold Path is Right Effort. It depends on our sincerity, how much energy we exert and how strong the habit is. But it is true that some people singly go through life under the influence of their past habits, without making an effort to change them and falling victim to these unpleasant results. Such people will continue to suffer unless they change their negative habits. The longer the negative habits remain, the more difficult they are to change. The Buddhist understands this and (...) continue

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Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way (IX) — by Nagarjuna

Arya Nargarjuna Mulamadhyamaka-karikas Fundamentals of the Central Philosophy of Buddhism Section 9: An Analysis of "the Pre-existent Reality" (grasper and grasping) IX.1. Certain people say: Prior to seeing hearing, and other sensory faculties together with sensation and other mental phenomena Is that to which they belong. IX.2. They reason: How will there be seeing, etc. of someone who does not exist? Therefore, there exists a definite (vyavasthita) entity before that seeing, etc.. IX.3. But that definite entity is previous to sight, hearing, etc., and sensation, etc — How can that entity be known? IX.4. And if that entity is determined without sight and other sensory (...) continue


Buddhist Chant - Heart Sutra (Mandarin) by Imee Ooi

Buddhist Chant - Heart Sutra (Mandarin) by Imee Ooi The supreme mantra which is able to release all pain to attain the unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment. continue

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Universal Children’s Day 2014: Facts, History and Aims of the United Nations Day

A displaced Syrian child in a makeshift camp for Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon(Getty) Twenty-five years ago the United Nations set up the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a human rights treaty which sets out the political, economic, civil, health, social and cultural rights of children. Marked annually on 20 November, Universal Children’s Day celebrates this historic milestone - which serves as a reminder that much remains to be done for child rights worldwide. The date also marks the day on which the General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959, a series of related children’s rights proclamations drafted by Save the Children (...) continue