Zen for beginners - Sit to your Limit, Plus One Minute

Le 12 May 2015, by Buddhachannel Eng.

Sit to your Limit, Plus One Minute For Raw Beginners: When just beginning to learn zazen and practicing alone at home, to “sit to your limit plus one minute” can help you develop ease and the prerequisite patience with a practice that can play an important part in how you view and live your life. The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits - A Guided Tour Prepare a clean, quiet and simply-arranged place in your home where others won’t intrude. Arrange a chair, seiza bench (...) continue


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Ling Jiou Mountain

Establishing the Huayan Realm— Joining together to create a global family of peace and love Ling Jiou Mountain is an abode of the spirit. The pristine natural environment and exquisite landscape exude the spirit of nature, forming the ideal location for spiritual practice. The mountain is located on Taiwan’s northeast coast, near Capes Bitou and Sandiao, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Inspired by the landscape, ecology, and its suitability for spiritual cultivation, Master Hsin Tao called (...) continue

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The Noble Eightfold Path - by Bhikkhu Bodhi — Chapter V : Right Effort

The Noble Eightfold Path by Bhikkhu Bodhi Chapter V Right Effort Samma Vayama) Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi The purification of conduct established by the prior three factors serves as the basis for the next division of the path, the division of concentration (samadhikkhandha). This present phase of practice, which advances from moral restraint to direct mental training, comprises the three factors of right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. It gains its name from the goal to which it aspires, the power of sustained concentration, itself required as the support for insight-wisdom. Wisdom is the primary tool for deliverance, but the penetrating vision it yields can (...) continue

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Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way (IV) — by Nagarjuna

Arya Nargarjuna Mulamadhyamaka-karikas Fundamentals of the Central Philosophy of Buddhism Section 4: An Analysis of the "Groups of Universal Elements" (the Aggregates) IV.1. Visible form (rupa) is not perceived without the basic cause of visible form (rupakarana); Likewise the basic cause of visible form does not appear without the visible form. IV.2. If the visible form existed apart from its basic cause, it would logically follow that visible form is without cause; But there is nothing anywhere arising without cause. IV.3. On the other hand, if there would be a basic cause apart from visible form, The basic cause would be without any product; but there is no basic cause (...) continue


Dalai Lama hints he may cross 100 years

As he turned 75 yesterday, the Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama hinted that it might be too early to worry about the next Dalai Lama, a concern that is shared by many Tibetans and supporters worldwide as China’s meddling into the century old Tibetan reincarnation tradition is on the rise. The Tibetan leader said he is not much concerned about appointing his successor. “I am not much concerned about these things. As I have expressed, Chinese Communists seem to be more concerned about the Dalai Lama institution than me... political reason of course, silly thinking, and that’s the matter. And at a practical level, no hurry, I am quite healthy, if I don’t commit suicide then (...) continue

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Three Heap Sutra

THREE HEAP SUTRA I and all sentient beings forever Take refuge in the Lamas, Take refuge in the Buddhas, Take refuge in the Dharma, Take refuge in the Sangha. Prostrations to the Blessed One, Tathagata, Arhat, Perfectly and Fully Enlightened Buddha Shakyamuni. Prostrations to Completely Vanquishing Vajra Essence. Prostrations to Precious Radiating Light. Prostrations to King of the Naga Lords. Prostrations to Bravest of the Forces. Prostrations to Glorious joy. Prostrations to Precious Fire. Prostrations to Precious Moonlight, Prostrations to Meaningful to Behold. Prostrations to Precious Moon. Prostrations to Immaculate One. Prostrations to Glorious Giving. Prostrations to (...) continue