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What is this Thing Called Death ? - By Bhikkhu Thitapuñño

Le 12 December 2014, by Buddhachannel Eng.

What is this Thing Called Death ? By Bhikkhu Thitapuñño EDITOR’S NOTE: The Birken Forest Monastery is located in Princeton, British Columbia in Canada. The following thoughts on death, dying and “mudita” or sympathetic joy by resident monk Bhikku Thitapunno are excerpted from the monastery’s Winter newsletter and are reprinted here with permission. "And what, friends, is death? ... The passing of beings out of the various orders of being, their passing away, (...) continue


Zem — Action ou Vérité ?

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Nov 15 - Nov 22 : Silent Illumination Chan Retreat

"Silently and serenely, one forgets all words,
Clearly and vividly everything appears before you." The above comes from the poem “Silent Illumination,” composed by Master Hongzhi Zhengjue, a 12th century lineage holder of the Caodong (Jap. Soto) school of Chan Buddhism. They describe the mind of someone who has left behind all attachment to thought and conceptualization. Doing this, they clearly know the nature of things through the direct experience of enlightenment. Master Hongzhi wrote (...) continue

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Haein Temple - South Korea

Haein Temple, is one of Korea’s Three Jewel Temples. The geographical feature helped Haein Temple defend the Koreana Tripitaka against marauding Japanese forces during the late 16th-century invasions of Korea. ’Haein’ in ’Haein-sa’ comes from ’Haein samadhi’ of the Avatamsaka Sutra which means that reason of everything is revealed in agony-less mind just like figures of whole things appeared on the quiet sea. And ’Haein’ points out the world of ’as it is’, the world seen by true, wise eyes, the (...) continue

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Buddhachannel Eng.

Buddhachannel is a media and television focused on the values of Eastern (...) continue

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Taking hold of the present moment, by Master Cheng Yen

Normally, in the moment of doing something, we are not aware of being careless or imprudent. Only after the fact do we realize that what we did was a mistake. "If only I hadn’t done that! What a mistake." Students often have these kinds of feelings after an examination. When they see their score and it is lower than they had hoped, they would start regretting things, such as getting distracted and overlooking a question or not having studied enough before the exam. For instance, because they had not dedicated time to studying, they were not well-prepared going into the exam. When they received the exam, therefore, they became so worried and anxious that their minds went blank. Why (...) continue

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Shantideva’s Bodhisattvacharyavatara — Chapter X

Shantideva’s Bodhisattvacharyavatara Chapter X - Dedication 1. Through my constructive act of having (reflected upon and) composed Engaging in Bodhisattva Behavior, May all wandering beings become (adornments for the world,) Engaged in the behavior of bodhisattvas. 2. As many beings as there are in all directions, Diseased with sufferings of body and mind, May they all obtain oceans of happiness and joy Through the forces of my positive acts. 3. To the end of (their) recurring samsara, May their happiness never become (old and) decrepit; (Instead), may those who wander obtain, without interruption, The (bodhisattvas’) unsurpassed bliss. 4. Whatever joyless realm beings, as (...) continue


Thailand — Money can’t buy Happiness

Feb 1, 2009 This is what Danai Chanchaochai believes and has changed his life to make happiness his number one goal Bangkok, Thailand — In the hall there is pin-drop silence. This scenario is almost impossible to find in the heart of Bangkok, at 5:30pm on a weekday. But, people still dressed in office attire, start to gather here to listen to the words of Phra Acharn Mitsuo Gavesako echoing from a stereo. Danai Chanchaochai, 42, chief executive officer of DC Consultants. There is a strange calm and peace that fills Bodhgaya Hall, which welcomes people from all walks of life Tuesday and Wednesday. It usually provides 170 seats for anyone wishing to take "off" after work to seek (...) continue

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Art of Lao Textile

Many motifs used in Lao textiles are derived from the textiles of the Lao-Tai ethnic groups. The Lao-Tai are generally shamanic people with a strong belief in the afterworld. Nowadays, Buddhism is becoming more popular and links to animism or shamanism are looked upon as old-fashioned, thus Buddhist beliefs are increasingly used to interpret icons. Usually textiles depict stories of ancestors spirits traveling to the afterworld, stories of Nagas and their influences on life around them, Siho - the half lion half elephant figure and motifs inspired by nature and daily life. These motifs appear in various forms of the many different sub ethnic groups of the Lao-Tai and using a number (...) continue