On the Path to Buddhahood—The Story of Buddha Sakyamuni

Le 19 July 2016, by Stefania Mitrofan

Buddha Sakyamuni’s statue near Belum Caves located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Buddha was a prince by birth but decided to abandon his royal title and pursue spiritual growth after witnessing sufferings of human life. (Purshi/ Wikimedia Commons) The prince who became the purveyor of Buddhism traveled no easy journey on his path to enlightenment. This is his story displaying the courage of an innocent, truth-seeking heart to move beyond the dimensions of ordinary (...) continue


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A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook — by Bob Stahl and Elisha Goldstein

New book offers myriad resources to help us de-stress our harried (...)

The 9th Alms Giving Ceremony of Southern Thailand

Dana or Donation is an important concept in Buddhism. It is normally said (...)

Sarnath — Holy Place of the first Teachings

After attaining enlightenment at Bodh Gaya the Buddha went to Sarnath; and (...)

David R. Loy — Buddhism and Poverty

Does Buddhism have anything special to contribute to our understanding of (...)

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par Buddhachannel Fr.


Buddhism – Photography by Steve McCurry | 1985 to 2013

Begin: 01.05.2016 10:00 hour End: 06.11.2016 From Sunday 1st May 2016 the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks is presenting one of the world’s best photographers in a large-scale solo exhibition. The exhibition: “Steve McCurry. Buddhism – Photography 1985 to 2013” shows a very special facet of the famous American magnum photographer Steve McCurry – his interaction with the culture of Buddhism. 40 large format photographs Steve McCurry took on his numerous (...) continue

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Pagoda Phat Hue - Germany

Pagoda Phat Hue (Buddha’s Wisdom Pagoda) is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Temple located in Frankfurt, Germany. Founded in 2002 by Zen Master and Abbot Thich Thien Son, Pagoda Phat Hue holds nightly meditation courses, weekend Zen Seminars, Dharma Talks, personal enrichment classes, community festivals and other events. The Phat Hue community includes an ordained Sangha of monks and nuns from different backgrounds, hundreds of Zen students from Europe, Asia, and the United States, and thousands (...) continue

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Dechen Chöling

Dechen Chöling est un centre de méditation situé au cœur des paysages (...) continue

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Buddhism and Suicide --- The Case of Channa 1/2

Introduction In his 1983 paper "The ’Suicide’ Problem in the Paali Canon," Martin Wiltshire wrote: "The topic of suicide has been chosen not only for its intrinsic factual and historical interest but because it spotlights certain key issues in the field of Buddhist ethics and doctrine."[1] I think Wiltshire was right to identify suicide as an important issue in Buddhist ethics:[2] it raises basic questions about autonomy and the value of human life, and plays a pivotal role in related questions such as physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. I will not discuss any of those questions here, since the first priority is to address the specific "problem" Wiltshire identified in the title (...) continue

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Hôkyôzanmai : Precious Mirror of the Samadhi

Hôkyôzanmai : Precious Mirror of the Samadhi Reality as like Buddha is, Buddha’s patriarchs have touched Her in secret. Now that you’ve got, I beg you, keep Her intact. Like a silver bowl covered with snow, Or a crane hidden in the glare of the moon, Things look like it without being equal. Even taken together, we know where they are. Her meaning is not in words, It evolves over circumstance. Touched, and here you are at the bottom of a hole. In contradiction, and you’re hesitant. Move away or touch: Both wrong. Neither one nor the other, mustn’t be She is as massive fire. Express with elegant words, And it gets dirty (...) continue


What is Vipassana?

Vipassana Transformation through by Celeste Adams What is Vipassana? Vipassana is one of two main categories of Buddhist meditation, and means ’’insight’’ in the Pali language of the Buddhist texts. It is a kind of meditation, found in the Theravada tradition, that aims at an understanding of dukkha or ’’suffering,’’ anicca or ’’impermanence,’’ and anatta or ’’not-self.’’ The Theravada tradition is based on the teachings of Buddha as found in the earliest texts. Pronounced va-PAH-shana, this meditation approach was probably discovered by Gautama Buddha, 500 years before the birth of Christ. Although the practice of Vipassana faded for the most part after the seventh century, a Burmese (...) continue

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20-24 JAN : Traditional Chinese Qigong Retreat (levels 1-2-3)

Cultivate strength of body and calmness of mind through the healing Taoist practice of qigong. Take this rare opportunity to receive instruction in two unique lineages, The Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School (Xiantianwujimen) and the Yiquan School, neither of which have previously been fully transmitted to students in the West. Level I: we will practice techniques of inner and outer qigong, including tendon changing, marrow washing, self-massage and calisthenics, which strengthen the muscular-skeletal system, nourish the internal organs, circulate internal energy and still the mind. We will learn Chen Xiyi’s sleeping and walking qiqong and Wang Xiangzhai’s standing qigong. Level II: (...) continue