What Buddhism Says About Success

Le 17 July 2015, by Buddhachannel Eng.

The first thing Buddhism would say about success is that it is fleeting, like everything in this world. Impermanence was the Buddha’s first great insight into the nature of reality. He also understood that as a consequence, loss and its consequent suffering are written into the fabric of human life. Whatever we attain or accomplish in life—whether it be wealth, fame, status or power—is destined to fade and pass away. None of it is worth pinning our deepest hopes on; none of (...) continue


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Sept-Oct 2015 - Retreat Program

Sept-Oct 2015 - Retreat Program at Dechen Choling Meditation Center Shambhala Training 4 - Awakened Heart Date: 12 - 13 September Weekend meditation retreat for advanced students of the Shambhala Buddhist Tradition. Mindfulness in Nature - Retreat Date: 12 - 17 September With: Mathias Pongracz Discover the transformative power of the natural world. Taught in French (translation available). Contemplative Photography Workshop (Level 1) Date: 18 - 23 September With: Hèlen Vink "Seeing From (...) continue

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Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia and Buddhist Maha Vihara - Malaysia

In 1961, Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda, the abbot of the Brickfields Buddhist Maha Vihara, saw the need to establish a society to bring forth the message of the Buddha to the masses. He then gathered a group of Buddhists for this purpose. Consequently, the Buddhist Missionary Society was registered on April 3, 1962. In 1996, following an amendment to its Constitution, its name was changed to "Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia" (BMSM), allowing it to establish Branches, thus making it a (...) continue

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Glossary of Zen names and terms as used in the Kwan Um School - Korea

Glossary of Zen names and terms as used in the Kwan Um School AIGO (Korean): word for responding to an incomprehensible situation, such as sudden death, or grief, or even surprise. Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi (Sanskrit): "perfect universal samadhi"; the enlightenment experience in which a person becomes a Buddha. Avalokitesvara (Sanskrit): bodhisattva of compassion (see Kwan Seum Bosal). beads: a string of beads resembling a bracelet or necklace, used for counting bows or repetitions of a mantra in various sects of Buddhism. Also known as a "mala." Bhikshu (Sanskrit): a fully ordained monk. Bhikshuni (Sanskrit): a fully ordained nun. Blue Cliff Record (Chinese: Pi-Ye-Lu; Japanese: (...) continue

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Shantideva’s Bodhisattvacharyavatara — Chapter VIII(verses 1 to 89)

Shantideva’s Bodhisattvacharyavatara Chapter VIII - Meditation 1. Having developed enthusiasm in this way, I should place my mind in concentration. For the man whose mind is distracted Dwells between the fangs of disturbing conceptions. 2. But through solitude of body and mind No distractions will occur; Therefore I should forsake the worldly life And completely discard distorted conceptions. 3. Worldly life is not forsaken because of attachment (to people) And due to craving for material gain and the like; Therefore I should entirely forsake these things, For this is the way in which the wise behave. 4. Having understood that disturbing conceptions are completely overcome By (...) continue


Buddha images stolen in Laos

Buddha images stolen in Laos LUANG PRABANG, Laos: Lao monk displays a wooden carving of a Buddha AFP, March 10, 2009 Images of the Buddha are considered sacred in Laos. So who’s stealing them? BANGKOK, Thailand — Lao officials are expected to meet later this month to discuss how to address the theft of numerous sacred Buddhist artifacts from temples in the south of the country. More than 200 Buddha statues were stolen over the last year from temples in the southern Lao province of Savannakhet for sale to collectors both inside the country and abroad, according to the deputy head of the Lao Ministry of Information and Culture, Khampong. Officials now withhold information on new (...) continue

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