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New direction for Buddhist programs at Yale

To support the Yale Buddhist community after severing relations with Indigo Blue, the Chaplain’s Office is offering activities such as Dharma talks in Harkness Tower.

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The Game of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Between theory (book) and life (exercises), the play/book of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success allows to ingrain the different aspects of each law.

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Zen Buddhist Perspectives on Modern Education - by Masato Mitsuda

The history of education is long and complex. In ancient Egypt and India, for instance, education consisted mainly of the study of morality, astrology, and religious knowledge. The availability of education in that period was limited to rulers, administrators, soldiers, and priests. In fact, only the elite received education.

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India’s Buddhist diplomacy falters

Billion-dollar plan to revive ancient Nalanda University as an intellectual and religious showcase has not caught the imagination or money of Southeast Asian nations.

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From where I sit: Noble quest for knowledge

It is virtually impossible to come across a scholar of international stature who had neither access to a regular education nor to libraries. Dharmanand Damodar Kosambi (1876-1947), a friend of Mahatma Gandhi who became a scholar of Pali and Buddhism, is in this sense unique.

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Comments on the upcoming Nalanda University

The new Nalanda University now being planned to be rebuilt will soon provide momentum to the systematic study of Buddhism in India of various shades and nuances.

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Oldest university on earth is reborn after 800 years

Nalanda, an ancient seat of learning destroyed in 1193, will rise again thanks to a Nobel-winning economist

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India — Nalanda university revival, minus the Dalai Lama

Nalanda University will be revived but the Dalai Lama will have no association with the project to resurrect the ancient seat of Buddhist learning, an omission aimed at respecting China’s sensibilities.

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India — International Buddhist Uni in Sanchi

An International Buddhist University will be established in Sanchi, India in the near future in accordance with a request made by Sri Lanka.

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Lankan monks to take Tamil lessons

Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka plan to learn Tamil language to create greater harmony and heal the (...)

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