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Being a buddhist in today’s troubled world

No matter if the weather is good or not,
No matter if the crisis is heavy on our shoulders,
No matter if paradise exists on earth.
It doesn’t make our life a hell either.

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Buddhist Dhama Teachings Chapter 1

Meditation is one spiritual means to settle ourselves. This Chapter explains how to re-start with your body and find the awareness.

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The Buddha’s Smile

Buddha was smiling under his tree. Having reached awakening, ultimate and universal compassion, he can do nothing but smile. The buddhahood state is a bliss.

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Europe’s only primary school to teach through Buddhist principles

Dharma Primary School, in Brighton, is the only primary school in the UK to offer an education based on Buddhist values. This independent school isopen to children aged 3-11 from all religious faiths and cultural backgrounds, providing a quality academic education combined with Buddhist teachings to support the development of mindfulness, compassion and communal responsibility.

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The Glory of Grandparenting

More than 20 years ago I first heard someone say, “If I had known grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first!” Now, having my own grandkids, I resemble that remark.

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The vital role of monastery schools in Myanmar society

YANGON, Myanmar – Schooling in a monastery is the only education that many children in Myanmar ever get, especially rural and poor children.

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Study: Religion is Good for Kids

Kids with religious parents are better behaved and adjusted than other children, according to a new study that is the first to look at the effects of religion on young child development.

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Spirituality & Children, Maureen Healy

Canadian researchers shared their findings that kids aged 8 to 12 that report believing in a "higher power" also report higher levels of happiness.

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Aims of Buddhist Education

In modern societies, education is intended to promote social and commercial skills, merely ignoring how to instill values. Therefore, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and light need to be largely developed in Buddhist education.

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How to teach arts to children

Nancy Beal, an arts teacher in primary school, offers some precious pieces of advice to help parents to develop their kids’ creativity.

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