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Scandal gnaws at Buddha’s holy Tree in India

In Bodhgaya, money comes with tourists and pilgrims, and with the money has come mounting charges of less than saintly behavior.

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Thailand - Thai Institute invents Mosquito-repellent Robe for Monks

A Thai research institute has developed mosquito-repellent robes targeting the kingdom’s Buddhist monks, who are prohibited from killing all animals.

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Malaysia - Buddhist Family challenges Shariah Court’s Islamic Conversion Ruling

The ethnic Chinese Buddhist family seeks to overturn an Islamic court ruling that found their late father had converted from Buddhism to Islam.

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Zen for Sale

Art historian Kendall Brown explains how the Ryōanji stone garden in Kyoto, Japan, became a commercialized symbol of Zen Buddhism.

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USA - Ask a Monk online Service

Ven. Ying-Fa is the human behind Ask a Monk, an online information and advice service for Buddhists and those who want to know more about Buddhism.

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Tibet - "Suicides" of Tibetan Monks who were to recognise the next Dalai Lama

Gyaltsen Tsepa Lobsang and Yangpa Locho, were found hanged at the monastery of Tashilhunpo between September and November.

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An appeal from International Burmese Monks Organisation

Sasana Moli (International Burmese Buddhist Monks Organization) is making an appeal to the following: leaders of the nations, religious and social organizations, literary lovers and fine artists, experts in science, technology and arts, and families residing in various countries to note the following agenda aimed for the peaceful co-existence of the people and organizations in the world in general, and for peace and the sustenance of Sasana in Burma in particular.

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New Dalai Lama ’could be a Woman’

"If a woman reveals herself as more useful the lama could very well be reincarnated in this form.’’

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