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Jacques Brosse - The sacred tree

The ties that bound the destinies of men and trees were so strong, among the peoples of every continent, that it Is natural to feel anxious about the future prospects of a human race that has broken them.

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Counting spiritual blessings in Tibet

In this chill, blue-sky early morning, pilgrims walk steadily clockwise around the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.

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Blasts at Indian Buddhist shrines of Bodh Gaya in Bihar

A series of blasts has shaken India’s holiest Buddhist shrine, where the Buddha himself is said to have gained enlightenment, police have said.

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The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths - By Sylvia Boorstein

Accounts of the Buddha’s life, said to have been told by generations of disciples before they were written down and codified as scripture, often begin with the words, “Thus I have heard,” which carry the sense of oral tradition into the present.

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The buddhist schools in Russia

The buddhist currents in Russia are much more diversified than what people usually think. History of creation of different tibet buddhism schools in Russia in XX century.

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Myanmar’s prominent Buddhist monk talks peace and unity

Bhante Ashin Nyanissara, commonly known as Sitagu Sayadaw, one of the most prominent Buddhist monks in Myanmar, has urged the government and the people to work together to safeguard the religion and the nationality in the country.

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USA — A Unique Buddhist Retreat Lies In Northern Colorado

For several decades visitors have been coming to the Shambhala Mountain Center in northern Colorado for a meditative experience like no other.

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Thai Buddhist temple serves Hmong in St. Paul

From the outside, nothing distinguishes Watmongkhool-Khunaram from the family residences on the block.

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Buddhist monk receives diploma at Mt. SAC

He may not mean to, but Bowala Rakkitha stands out among his fellow students at Mt. San Antonio College. He dresses differently, his values are unusual, and he speaks with a distinctive accent.

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My successor may be woman: Dalai Lama

The Nobel Peace laureate is scheduled to speak in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin.

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