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Taipei — Film Screening and Lecture Series on Tibet Held in Taiwan

The Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama based in Taipei organised a three-day film screening and lecture series in collaboration with Taiwan National Chiao Tung University and Chinese-Tibetan Friendship Association of Taiwan from 11 - 13 May.

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India — Buddha Hi Buddha Hai Music Launch

Rajesh Dhabare’s album ‘Buddha Hi Buddha Hai- The Buddha Within’ deals with a unique theme with the album being a musical interpretation of the teachings of Lord Buddha.

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Chinese translation of Tirukkural on the anvil

A Chinese translation of the Tirukkural might soon be in the offing with internationally renowned Taiwanese poet Yu Hsi agreeing to former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s suggestion on the same.

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Young actress chants for world peace now

The fast rising star in Kollywood, who was until recently busy in Telugu, wants the world to be a better place and so she chants for it. “Buddhism aims to awaken people.

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Zen and the art of making music

Michael Tumelty explains why Miriama Young’s first opera is a meditation on minimalism.

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Buddhist Cultural Week revitalizes historic city Hue, Vietnam

The city of Hue officially began a series of cultural events (May 16 – 22) in honor of the millennium anniversary of Hanoi becoming the State capital. Organizers hope the event will help revitalize the historic city of Hue, formerly the imperial capital of Vietnam.

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Buddhist prayer books made of leaves, Vietnam

Some Khmer-styled pagodas in the southern province of An Giang are preserving prayer-books written on “sach tra” leaves, which are similar to palm leaves.

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Expo Buddha Abides : The Many Faces of Buddha

Now in its 10th year, the annual Buddha Abides show at Frameworks (813 Anacapa St.) has become a solid Santa Barbara tradition. Stop by the gallery before Saturday, May 29, to witness the many faces of Buddha as imagined by nearly 100 artists in this juried show.

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New Buddhist Site Found In Andhra Pradesh

Remnants of a Buddhist settlement have been discovered by archaelogists in the hillock areas of Rajampeta in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadappa district.

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Tibetan cultural feast showcased at Beihai Park, China

A cultural feast introducing Tibet’s Thangka culture and divine articles of Tibetan Buddhism was showcased at the Beihai Park of Beijing.

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