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Book Review: Buddhism and Africa

What are the issues for Buddhism as it becomes established in Africa ? How does the transmission of Buddhism into Africa resemble and differ from its transmission into other environments ?

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The Thai Silk Road

Archaeological evidence has shown that one of the world’s major maritime trading routes went overland through the south of Thailand in ancient times

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Paris — Pakistan President visits special Gandhara exhibition

President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday visited the special Gandhara exhibition here at the National Museum of Asian Art Guimet, that is drawing large crowds and presenting a soft and rich image of Pakistan.

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21 New properties in UNESCO’s world heritage

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s World Heritage committee added 21 new sites to the World Heritage’s long list, following its 34th session which was being held in Brasilia from July 25 to Aug 3.

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Explorations in Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Culture

Book B., by Leung Man Tao proposes a new modern approach of buddhism, as suggests buddhist door’s editorialist Raymond Lam.

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Dalai Lama Inaugurates Buddha Statue During Visit to Ladakh, India

The Dalai Lama inaugurated a 106-foot-tall Buddha statue during his nine-day visit to the Himalayan region of Ladakh. The statue of Buddha Maitreya is at a monastery in India’s Jammu and Kashmir State.

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The ’Inception’ of Illusion or Reality?

The ingenious film that is ‘Inception’ begins with the assumption that it is possible for multiple persons to enter someone’s dream, that can even be designed without that person knowing, thus digging out deep secrets from his sub-consciousness, or even implanting ideas which eventually shape one’s decisions.

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India — Buddhist caves face threat

Situated on a hill on the banks of Baghani river at Bagh village, about-2,200-year-old Buddhist-era caves are facing threat to their existence due to seepage and erosion.

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The Man Who Captivated Ken Burns

Between 1992 and 2000, Ken Burns made three short films on William Segal, a zen buddhist influenced painter. The New York Times relates the story of their friendship.

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Boston — Heaven and Hell in Japanese art exhibition

Heaven and Hell in Japanese Art features several Edo-period (1615–1868) Buddhist paintings that have rarely been exhibited.

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