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One of the World’s Largest Book on Display in Miami to Honour the Dalai Lama

The King Library on Miami University’s campus has put on display the largest book in the world as part of its special collection.

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China — Millenium-old buddhist temples see daylight once more

The Xinjiang archaeological team from the Institute of Archaeology under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences launched archaeological excavations at the Tianfo Site in Damagou Town of Cele County in the city of Hetian, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region on Aug. 22.

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Meredith Monk’s Tower of Music

“I noticed there was these qualities in my work that I’d always liked, and little by little I realised they were very fundamental Buddhist values of fluidity of time and silence and space, presence and immediacy.”

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Japan Team excavates ancient statues in Cambodia

A team of specialists led by the president of Tokyo’s Sophia University has excavated the severed upper halves of six Buddhist statues from the Angkor ruins in northwestern Cambodia.

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Spiderman, Ultraman and The hulk — Tibetan Buddhist Style

This is some artwork by a Tibetan artist who calls himself Gade. Gade has combined his love of iconic Western comic superheroes and the incredible art of Tibetan Thangka style paintings.

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Book Review: Buddhism and Africa

What are the issues for Buddhism as it becomes established in Africa ? How does the transmission of Buddhism into Africa resemble and differ from its transmission into other environments ?

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The Thai Silk Road

Archaeological evidence has shown that one of the world’s major maritime trading routes went overland through the south of Thailand in ancient times

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Paris — Pakistan President visits special Gandhara exhibition

President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday visited the special Gandhara exhibition here at the National Museum of Asian Art Guimet, that is drawing large crowds and presenting a soft and rich image of Pakistan.

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21 New properties in UNESCO’s world heritage

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s World Heritage committee added 21 new sites to the World Heritage’s long list, following its 34th session which was being held in Brasilia from July 25 to Aug 3.

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Explorations in Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Culture

Book B., by Leung Man Tao proposes a new modern approach of buddhism, as suggests buddhist door’s editorialist Raymond Lam.

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